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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #71

7/7 - 7/11/03


Beth and Edna had no reason to worry about Luis arresting them.  He wouldn't have been so calm if he was going to arrest them.

We are surprised that Simone doesn't have whiplash because she bobs her head a lot when she talks.

If Miguel loved Kay, then she wouldn't have to make him love her.  She needs to give up on him.  He is definitely not worth the trouble.

Beth isn't using the pillow and Luis still didn't notice her stomach.

Of course Edna wasn't going to tell Luis why she thought she was going to be arrested.  That would have been too easy.  It must have been easier for her to be vague about what she was talking about.

Instead of talking to Eve, the firefighters should have been putting out the fire.

Eve knew that other people were in the burning building (thanks to her) and all she cares about is Whitney.  Does she want the rest to die, but not Whitney?  We know that Whitney is her daughter and she should be concerned about her, but she was barely giving the others a concern.

Julian was watching his son in a burning building and he doesn't even seem to care at all.  He cares more about comforting Eve.

Final thoughts:

We understand now why Harmony doesn't have that many firefighters.  All they did was just stand around and watch the Blue Note burn.  The chief told Eve that they may not be able to save the people in the building.  Well, did they try using water?  They didn't use anything.  They are supposed to be the ones that save people from fires, but they never even went inside.  They know that everyone is still alive, but because "it may be too late,"  the firefighters would have let them die.

Speaking of the fire, is anyone worried about Whitney?  Well if you are, don't be.  If you've read the spoilers or seen the previews, then you know that she's going to be okay.  We all know that she's going to California sometime in the near future.

At Tabitha's house: Miguel said that he loves Charity.  We all know that but does he have to keep being so rude to Kay?  She was his best friend once.  She may have taken advantage of him to get pregnant, but she didn't force him on her.


On here's a big surprise.  Charlie sent Luis the email from Sheridan. Who didn't know that she was responsible for it?

Miguel saw Kay doubled over in pain and he asked her should he call a doctor.  What an idiot.

How convenient was it that Hank couldn't trace the email.

TC couldn't wait to fight Chad again.  They were almost killed in a fire and all he could think of is fighting.

Grace keeps forgetting that her daughter is pregnant and not married.  She was under the impression that Tabitha couldn't be pregnant because she isn't married.

Eve forgot that she, not Liz, put Whitney's life in danger.

Why didn't Kay know that her water broke?

Final thoughts:

TC couldn't wait to play the blame game with Chad.  He blamed Chad for Whitney being in the fire.  He should have been glad that Whitney was rescued.  He shouldn't have been throwing punches.

TC was acting really weird about Whitney.  Of course he was going to yell at Eve for giving Whitney her blessing to go to LA.  He actually said that Eve didn't love him because she wanted Whitney to go to LA. 

Big surprise Charlie was the one that sent the email about Sheridan.  Beth and Edna didn't have to be worried.

Ivy didn't have to be so rude to Tabitha today.  She is hardly a spring chicken to to be calling Tabitha old.  She had a lot of nerve saying those things about her considering she was in Tabitha's house.


TC is making too big a deal over the fact that Eve wanted Whitney to go to California.

We have to endure another week of Antonio saying "I knew she wasn't kidnapped." It's getting really irritating.

Why can't Whitney just be glad that Eve wanted her to go to California?  Why does she have to question her motives?

How did Beth know what Sheridan was saying or doing in the pit since she wasn't even at home at the time that happened?  

Edna was the one that had the musical fantasy so why did Beth have the flashback.

Of course the vision Charity had of Tabitha was clear, but the one she had of the fire wasn't.

Miguel's baby could be dying and all he cared about was Charity.  This is the same man that said he wanted to be there for the baby and he would involve the court if she kept him from it.

Final thoughts:

We were getting really sick of Whitney questioning why Eve wanted her to go to California.  Just shut up and be glad she did.

Why would TC even bother asking Eve about her turning on him?  It's not as if she was going to come out and tell him the truth.  That would be too simple.  Speaking of Eve, all she did was give Liz another reason to blackmail her.  Now she can be charged with arson and attempted murder (if she ever gets caught).

Miguel is so cruel.  He knew that Kay and the baby could be in trouble and all he cared about was finding Charity.  Why would Charity need to know what was going on?  It's not her baby so she didn't need to know.


Miguel didn't say one word to Charity about Kay having her baby.  He went upstairs to tell her.  Tabitha shouldn't have been the one to tell Charity.

Miguel didn't need Charity's permission to ride in the ambulance with Kay.  He could have just went with Kay instead of making sure it was okay with Charity.

Antonio still didn't see that Luis was more concerned about Sheridan than he seems to be.  Why else would he act that way unless he was in love with her?

Big surprise that Hank lied to Antonio about why Luis was so concerned about Sheridan.  Hank comes up with the craziest things and Antonio believes it.

TC could have said goodbye to Whitney.  He almost lost her so you would think that he would be a little nicer to her.

TC had nothing to say when Whitney wanted to say goodbye but as soon as she left, he couldn't wait to blame Eve.  What a jerk.

Unless Theresa is wearing something of Whitney's, where did she get her outfit from?  When they were all rescued from the Blue Note, the all changed clothes.

Final thoughts:

Miguel is a real idiot.  His child is in danger, but he needs to check with Charity before he could go with Kay in the ambulance.  He really is proving that he cares about his baby right?

TC is so hateful.  He almost lost his daughter in a fire and he still didn't want to say goodbye to her.  He is so stupid.

When is this night ever going to end?  Chad and Whitney have changed their clothes so many times during this very long night.

The new Jessica debuted today.  Well she is not that good in our opinion.  It's her first episode so hopefully she will get better.


Big surprise Sam was going to see Grace with David.  

It's too bad that Beth couldn't get caught the way that she did in her fantasy.  That would have been a great surprise.

What makes Theresa think that Simone would ever forgive Whitney for being with Chad?  She must need to be re-introduced to Simone.  

Why would Jessica say something so mean about Tabitha?  We thought that she liked her.  Why question who would want to do it with Tabitha?

Ivy knew that Gwen's baby was in danger (how she knew is a mystery to us) but she didn't visit her one time since she's been in the hospital.

Why was Simone mad that Whitney is going to California?  It's not as if she wanted her to stay in Harmony anyway.  She hates Whitney so why would she care if she left.

Final thoughts:

Why was Jessica being so catty today?  She seemed so concerned about Tabitha's condition, but as soon as her back was turned, she questioned who would want to be with Tabitha.  That was very mean of her to say.

Why was Antonio so convinced that Sheridan left town?  She hasn't even called him once.  He also disappeared and we didn't see him again.  Could he be talking to Alistair or Beth maybe?  We'll have to wait and see about that.  By the way, how come Pilar hasn't called any of Miguel's siblings to tell them about the baby?

Overall thoughts:

This week's episodes weren't really different from last week's episodes.  We still had to endure Liz tormenting Eve about the fire she started.  We don't know what we were thinking last week when we said that Eve would have deserved it at the time.  Liz quickly changed our minds about that.  Now that Julian has taken the blame for Eve about the fire, Liz is really going to rub it in Eve's face.

Speaking of the fire, TC was being an idiot again.  He almost lost Whitney and yet he still refused to say goodbye to her.  Then he yelled at Eve for letting Whitney go to California with her blessing.  Is he going to divorce her now over that?

Luis still hasn't found Sheridan yet.  That's no surprise of course.  It doesn't look as if he is going to find her anytime soon.  Now Luis is looking in Sheridan's diaries to find clues to where she could be.  We don't see how that is going to possibly help him find her.

What Miguel did this week has to be the worst thing that happened this week.  His baby could be dying and all he cared about was Charity.  He didn't even seem to care much about the baby at all.  All he wanted to do was convince Charity that he wasn't going to leave her for anyone.  What a great father he's going to make right?

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