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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #70

6/30 - 7/2/03


If Liz wanted to tell TC the truth, she didn't need the picture.  She could have just told him.  

We are really getting sick of hearing "Whitney's" song.

TC was in the same room as Eve and Liz, but he didn't hear them talking.  They were not whispering when they were talking.  Selective hearing was working overtime in that scene.

Did we really have to see Precious's fantasy about being arrested?  That was so pointless in our opinion.

It's getting too easy for Eve to lie to TC.  She is starting to get like Liz as far as lying to TC is concerned.

What was up with Hank telling the police not to check Beth's house?  Luis said everyone's house was getting checked, not just strangers.  We see what kind of cop Hank is going to make.

Luis didn't notice that Beth isn't showing anymore.  It was so obvious that she wasn't showing.  It must be that selective vision again.

Final thoughts:

Big surprise Liz didn't show TC the picture of Eve and Julian kissing.  She just wants Eve, as well as the audience, to suffer.  Eve managed to lie to TC about the picture and he believed it.  Since Eve didn't tell the truth, Liz tortured her about it.  TC was in the room with them and he didn't hear them talking as usual.

Hank was being really stupid today.  He tried to talk the police officers out of searching Beth's house.  He is such an idiot sometimes.  He knows that Luis wants every house searched but he was trying to keep the cops from searching Beth's house.

Eve lit the Blue Note today.  She actually thought that by lighting it up, her problems would go away.  All she did was create new ones.  Once again she is an arsonist and now she could have killed her daughter and her friends.  So how does burning up the club help her again?


The powers that be need to fix Kay's stomach because it is obviously fake.

Who did Liz think she was breaking Eve's picture?  That was really immature of her.  We see where Simone gets it from.

Theresa really seems obsessed with Fox and his mystery woman.  Maybe she's jealous.  You never know.

Why didn't Whitney/Chad/Theresa/Fox smell the smoke outside of the Blue Note?  There is no way that they shouldn't have smelled the smoke.

Fox was staring at Whitney while she was dancing with Chad, yet Theresa didn't notice it.

When is Miguel going to start taking responsibility for his child?  He told John that he is going to be responsible for his baby.  Don't make us laugh Miguel.  You haven't done it yet.

Simone was willing to think the worst in Kay yet again.  She really proves her loyalty to Kay, right.

Why would Julian and Eve just stand around and watch the fire at the Blue Note?  They didn't know who would see them standing there.

How convenient was it that no one had a phone available to call for help.  Why would Theresa take her phone if she didn't charge it?  How was she able to use it before when she was checking on little Ethan?

Final thoughts:

It could be just us, but it took too long for Whitney/Chad/Fox/Theresa to smell the smoke outside of the Blue Note.  As badly as the place was burning, you would think they would have smelled it sooner.

John, Jessica, and Simone were back on today.  We didn't miss them at all.

Eve and Julian were just standing around while the Blue Note was burning.  One of them could have called someone to help. Also anyone could have seen them standing there.


Charity sounds really robotic when she has premonitions.  That could just be us though.

Eve gave herself away when she said that she thought nobody was in the Blue Note, but of course no one caught on to that.

Hasn't anyone ever heard of a fire extinguisher?  Fox or Chad (we all know Whitney and Theresa wouldn't have used it) could have tried to find a fire extinguisher to help put out the fire.  There must be one in the club somewhere.

What happened to the firefighters? Why were TC and Sam the only ones trying to put the fire out?

If Eve didn't start the fire, she wouldn't have to worry about her daughter possibly dying.

Final thoughts:

The scenes at the Wallace house were so pointless.  Luis managed not to go in the basement after all of his attempts to get in.  He was interrupted so many times.  The last time of course was because of Antonio and Hank. Antonio said that they found Sheridan.  Everyone knows by now that Beth is worried for nothing.

Why couldn't someone try to look for a fire extinguisher?  There must be one somewhere in the Blue Note.  Doesn't the club have sprinklers in case a fire breaks out?  Why would the club be remodeled and not have a fire extinguisher or sprinklers?  

Speaking of the fire, what happened to the firefighters that were around.  They should have been putting out the fire instead of Sam and TC.

Just when it looked as if Kay and Grace might have been getting along, Ivy had to ruin it by bringing up John.

Overall thoughts:

Not much happened this week at the Wallace house.  The only thing we basically had to endure was Mrs. Wallace constantly saying that they were going to go to prison.  Precious's flashbacks were stupid in our opinion.  We are just waiting for her to leave.

The dumbest move made this week definitely has to be (drum roll please....)  Eve setting the club on fire.  She gave Liz one more reason to blackmail her.  Since for some reason Eve didn't go inside to check and make sure the club was empty, she lit it up.  Little did she know, her daughter, as well as Theresa, Fox, and Chad were in the club.  She wanted Liz out of her life so badly that she risked four lives.

We learned something this week.  Whenever you're in an emergency situation, you're cell phone will not be charged or you will conveniently not have it on you.  

Also axes work better for fires than water.  No one thought to use water to put out the fire.

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