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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #69

6/23 - 6/27/03


As soon as Eve said that TC was going to tell Liz to leave the house, you already knew that he wasn't going to make her leave.  

What kind of mother is Rebecca?  She knows that Gwen shouldn't be stressed out, but she had to worry her about Ethan going back to Theresa.  If she loses the baby, it will be all Rebecca's fault.

TC is such an idiot.  We know we didn't shock you with that news.  He could have told Liz that she could have stayed at the B and B.  He didn't have to give in to her the way he did.

Why would Liz buy a place that she knew she couldn't afford?  Big surprise TC didn't catch on to that.  

Why did the writers waste the first few minutes with Sheridan and Luis's scenes?  We all knew that he didn't find her.  It was such a waste.

TC knew that Eve wanted Liz out of the garage apartment so why would he be dumb enough to let Liz stay? We just answered our own question.

If Sheridan means so much to Luis, why was he just standing around talking to Hank?  He could have been out looking for her.

Julian could have tried to start over with Fox. He must have forgot that Fox was willing to help him with TC once.  He is treating Fox the same way Alistair treats him.

Final thoughts:

This may be a surprise to you all, but TC is a real idiot.  Surprised right?  He could have suggested that Liz stay at a hotel or even at the bed and breakfast.  Sam may have let her stay there as long as she needed to because she is a friend of the Russells.  She could have also stayed at the Blue Note as well.

The writers really thought they were pulling a fast one on the audience with Sheridan and Luis.  Only a new viewer would have been fooled by those scenes.  They were such a waste.

What happened to Julian today?  He was doing so well and now he's being so heartless.  Fox wanted to try and make up with him, but Julian refused.  After the way he treated Fox growing up, you would think that he would be willing to try and start over.


You would never know that David was sick earlier.  He looked pretty healthy to us.  This sickness must be one of those things that comes and goes.

David is no better than Ivy.  He could have told Grace the truth if he didn't want to hurt the people he cares for.

David could tell Sam that Ivy is blackmailing him and he wouldn't have to listen to Ivy anymore.  He is doing this to himself. He has a way out.

What kind of marriage do Sam and Grace have if she has to compare it to a tree and a bench?

Liz is really starting to sound like a broken record about Eve's past.  She must be going for a record for how many times she has to remind her about what she's done.

Gwen is only stressing herself out for nothing.  She already has Ethan so she is risking her baby's life for nothing.

Eve should have kicked Liz out of her office instead of listening to her.  She didn't have to put up with Liz.

Eve should have hit Liz with the other hand when Liz tried to stop her from slapping her.  

Final thoughts:

What was with David today?  Once again he was preaching to Ivy about lying and yet, he won't stop lying to Sam and Grace.  He thinks they are such great people, but he won't be honest with them.  It's wrong for Ivy to do what she's doing to them, but it's okay for him to keep lying. He must think it's okay because he constantly tells Ivy that she's wrong. Give us a break! David is such a hypocrite.

Liz and Rebecca were obviously going for a record today.  The two of them were repeating the same lines over and over again.  It was getting really annoying.

Gwen's insecurities of Theresa are going to add more stress in her life.  She shouldn't have let Rebecca talk her into worrying about Theresa.  Gwen already has Ethan, so she is stressing herself out for nothing.


Why would the mayor want the search called off for Sheridan when she's a member of the wealthiest family in Harmony?

Why was Sheridan recapping all of the things that happened to her?  We already know what's going on.

Theresa wasn't completely blameless when she was fighting with Gwen yet she acted as if it was all Gwen's fault.

How convenient was it that Liz wanted to sell her hotel to Doc. 

Why wouldn't Antonio want the police to help find Sheridan?  It's as if he wants her to stay missing.

Sheridan needs to save herself instead of waiting for Luis to save her.  What if he never comes for her?  Does she plan on staying in the pit forever?

It's too bad that Luis lied to Antonio about why he knew Sheridan so well.  We would have loved to see the look on Antonio's face if he found out the truth.

It didn't take long for Ethan to defend Theresa again.  He needs to make up his mind and decide which one he wants to defend.  One minute it's Gwen and the next it's Theresa.

Final thoughts:

The new mayor in Harmony was obviously in Alistair's pocket.  He was given information that wasn't released to anyone so how did he know about it?  He shouldn't have known that Sheridan took her suitcase and passport with her when she left.  Also, why else would he want to stop the police from searching for a missing person, especially since she's a Crane.

Antonio just had to come back to the police station and tell the mayor that Sheridan was not kidnapped.  Why wouldn't he want as many police officers searching for her?  He must already know that she is at Beth's house.

The scenes at the hospital (Gwen, Ethan, Theresa, and Rebecca) were starting to get on our nerves.  We are well aware that the writers are trying once again to turn Gwen into the villainess.  Are we supposed to believe that Theresa is so innocent and wouldn't take Ethan away from Gwen?  She was just telling Chad, Whitney, and Fox that she would be marrying him.  Once again we are divided on this issue.  We feel that they are both wrong in this situation but that's our opinion.


Why did Beth, Edna, and Charlie have to be back?  We didn't miss hearing them talking about Sheridan.

Why is it that whenever someone's eyes are closed someone always assumes that the person is dead?  Edna did that when she assumed Sheridan was dead.

Guess we are going to keep seeing the flashback of Ethan and Theresa making love.

Liz is just so hateful.  Now she wants to make sure that Whitney is a drug addict like Eve.  What a heartless woman.  She knows that Whitney thinks of her as a good friend.  

We all knew that Ethan was going to lie about the woman he thinks about.  Who didn't see that coming?

Why did Gwen believe that Ethan loves her?  He took forever just to answer a question about the woman he daydreams about.  That should have been an indication that he was lying

Big surprise the mayor didn't say anything about Luis being with Sheridan.  

It's such obvious foreshadowing that Gwen is going to have a miscarriage.

Eve must have forgotten that she is married and at the hospital when she kissed Julian.  She didn't know who could have been watching her.

Antonio still hasn't see the picture of Sheridan on Luis's desk.  It is in plain view so there is no way he could have missed it.  

How did the reporters find out about the house-to-house search so fast?  There weren't any reporters at the police station to know to put it on the news.

Final thoughts:

Well, Liz proved today just how heartless a woman she really is.  She is willing to get her own niece hooked on drugs just because she hates Eve so much.  

Speaking of Eve, she gave Liz the perfect way to get back at her.  She kissed Julian again.  This time, it was at the hospital.  Anybody could have seen them.  Since Liz just happened to have a camera, you know what happened.  She filmed Eve and Julian kissing.

It's too bad that Luis didn't shoot the mayor and Hank.  Just when it looked as if Antonio could have learned the truth (the mayor remembered that Luis acted the way he is before with Sheridan), Hank had to lie and say that Luis did that for Beth.

Well, Ethan proved today that he is a liar.  He is not the great man that he thinks he is.  It didn't surprise us that he was going to lie to Gwen about who he thinks about all of the time.  The writers are going overboard trying to get us to believe that Ethan only loves Theresa.


Eve should have realized sooner that she shouldn't have kissed Julian.  It shouldn't have dawned on her that she is married to TC.

Once again Antonio thought that Sheridan wasn't kidnapped.  What is it going to take for this guy to get the message?

Where is the picture of Sheridan that was sitting on Luis's desk?  He had it faced the front so Antonio should have seen it.

Why is Mrs. Wallace worried about the police search?  Her house was already searched.

If Eve has enough free time to talk to Julian, then she could go home.

How did Eve get to the hospital if she needed a ride home?

What was the point of the prison fantasy?  It was stupid in our opinion.

When did Chad/Fox/Whitney/Theresa change their clothes?  

We are really getting tired of Fox calling Ethan his "half-brother".  

Why isn't Alistair worried about Antonio being with Sheridan but he's worried about Luis?  

Final thoughts:

Can any of you believe that the writers actually thought of doing that prison fantasy?  It was such a complete waste of an episode.  It was too long.  Mrs. Wallace didn't have to worry about going to prison if she had only told someone about Sheridan.  Now she can go to jail with Beth and Charlie.

Antonio insisted on believing that Sheridan left on her own.  He says it so much, you can start to say it along with him.  He should have been a little more worried about her than he was.

Alistair told Julian that he wasn't worried about Sheridan being missing.  He doesn't want Luis butting into the Crane family business, but he has no problem with Antonio being in the family.  Couldn't he start poking around to find out what happened to his father?  that's not a problem for some reason.

Overall thoughts:

So, what have we all learned this week? Here are some things:

You can kiss your ex in the hospital and only be spotted by the one person that hates you the most.  You can also have a digital camera handy in case you see something like that.  Eve kissed Julian in the hospital and Liz caught it on camera.

You can be told something about your brother and wife and still not get it.  The mayor practically told Antonio about Luis and Sheridan and he still couldn't get it.  Hank's lie wasn't even believable and he bought it.

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