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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #68

6/16 - 6/20/03


How did Liz see Eve and TC in the kitchen from her vantage point?  Liz flashed back to when Eve told TC that she wanted her out of the house.  There is no way that Liz would have been able to see them from where she was.

Why couldn't Theresa figure out who the girl is that Fox is in love with?  Whitney is leaving town so who else could it be.

There were a lot of flashbacks before the opening credits even started.

It sounds as if Antonio wants to believe that Sheridan just left him.  He's so adamant that she couldn't have been kidnapped.  It must be easier to believe that she left him.

What's the point of Charity's premonitions?  She can only see bits and pieces of things and not the whole thing.

How many times are Chad and Whitney going to change their clothes in this one night?

Antonio must really be dumb if he had to ask Luis what he meant when he said "my Sheridan".  It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what he was talking about.

Based on nothing whatsoever, Liz figured out that Fox was in love with Whitney.

Sheridan was screaming the same way that she was in Charity's premonition, but Charity didn't recognize her voice.

Sheridan was screaming at the top of her lungs before, but now that she knows that Miguel is at Beth's house, she practically whispered his name.

If Fox was selling the Blue Note to follow Whitney, why was he so upset about her leaving?

Final thoughts:

It looks as if Antonio wants Sheridan to stay gone.  You would think that he would believe that something happened to her.  He just refused to believe what Luis was trying to tell him.  We really think that he knows what's going on between Luis and Sheridan.  He is probably working with Beth to keep them apart.  Something must be wrong with him because he was willing to buy Hank's stupid excuse for why Luis referred to Sheridan as "my Sheridan".  Luis gave himself away and Antonio didn't get it.  

Speaking of Sheridan, she was screaming so loud before Miguel and Charity arrived at the Wallace house.  When she realized that Miguel was there, she wasn't saying his name anywhere near as loud as she was screaming before.

Suddenly Fox is selling the Blue Note.  Okay, but he was reacting as if he had lost Whitney because she was going to California.  Now if he was following her, why react that way?  Also, he told his grandfather and father that he wanted to run the Blue Note that same day and now he's ready to sell it?


If Liz noticed that Fox is in love with Whitney, why didn't Theresa notice it too?  She's around him more than Liz is so she should know who he's in love with.

We are getting tired of Luis and Antonio having the same conversation about Sheridan.

It could be us, but Antonio doesn't seem as if he is out of his mind with grief.  Even if Sheridan did leave on her own, he should be worried that she left without saying anything.

Since when was Sheridan a licensed pilot?  That has never been mentioned before.

Instead of threatening Julian, Rebecca should have been checking on Gwen.  

Speaking of Rebecca, she doesn't seem worried about her grandchild.

How did Beth get to the cottage if Luis is supposed t take her home?  She could leave the way she went there.  Hank was the one that brought her there so she could have went home with him.

Final thoughts:

Once again we were all treated to another version of Luis and Antonio's conversation about Sheridan.  All they kept saying was "Sheridan left on her own" and "Sheridan wouldn't do that".  Writers, it's time that they had some new dialogue.

What was up with Mrs. Wallace?  She is so worried about being an accomplice to what Beth and Charlie are doing to Sheridan, but she won't help save her.  Well, that will officially make her an accessory because she knows what's going on, but she won't do anything to stop it.

Rebecca seemed more worried about being Julian's wife than she was about Gwen.  She also cared more about Theresa taking Ethan away from Gwen than she did about the baby.  What a mother?


How many times was Sam going to say that he can't believe Grace was with David?  We get it.  He was shocked.  We didn't have to keep hearing about it.

If David wanted Grace to go to Sam, why was he relieved that she stayed with him?  She didn't even pick up on that.

Why are Sheridan/Kay/Tabitha so much bigger now?  It is still the same day.  Oh right, it's Passions.  We're not supposed to notice things like that.

Grace could have called Sam and tried to work things out with him, but she chose to stay with David.

Once again Sheridan didn't scream loud when she woke up again.

Why didn't Luis see Miguel and Charity outside of Beth's house?  They just left as Beth and Luis go to the house.  

When was Ivy getting physical therapy because she stopped after Ethan and Gwen got married?

How did David manage to take Grace home if he was so sick?

As much as Sheridan keeps falling, its going to be a miracle if she doesn't lose her baby.

Final thoughts:

It certainly didn't take Mrs. Wallace much to convince Miguel and Charity that Precious turned on the radio.  That doesn't explain why they heard screaming.  We should have known that Miguel and Charity wouldn't have found Sheridan.  The spoilers also help us know not to expect Sheridan to be found anytime soon.

Well, Grace was back today.  She was still with David instead of going after Sam.  She already called the doctor so why did she feel this need to stay.  Speaking of the doctor, why would he just disappear when he knew that David as sick?  Wouldn't it make more sense to stay with him?  Speaking of David, if he wanted Grace to be with Sam, why was he so happy that she stayed with him?


How did Grace and David know that Sam would have been in Ivy's room  Grace obviously expected Sam to be with Ivy.

As famous as the Cranes are, why do the other police stations need a picture of Sheridan?  They should know who she is.

Why didn't Charity or Miguel notice that Tabitha is pregnant?  She is obviously showing.

If Mrs. Wallace cared that much about Sheridan, then she wouldn't have lied to Luis.  She could have told him where Sheridan was.

If it bothered Charity to see Miguel and Kay talking about the past, then she shouldn't have been watching them make their tape.  She could have went home.

Final thoughts:

Kay schemed again to try and get Miguel.  Her plan didn't work so she needs to move on.

Grace got mad at Sam because she walked in and saw him with Ivy.  At least they had clothes on when she saw them.  They weren't naked in bed the way Grace was with David.  She shouldn't have even compared the two situations.

We are getting sick of Sheridan only screaming when no one can hear her.  Of course she wouldn't scream louder when Luis was in Beth's house.


How many times is TC going to say that Whitney is not his daughter?  He must be going for a record.

Whitney needs to make up her mind as to whether or not she's going to talk to her parents.  

Why couldn't Eve tell Liz that she wanted her out of the house?  She could have told Liz in front of TC if she wanted her out that badly.

How come Alistair knows about Julian and Eve but he doesn't know who took Sheridan?

Alistair claimed that he didn't care about Sheridan's baby because it's a Lopez-Fitzgerald, but he is willing to accept Theresa's baby.

Why didn't Antonio see Sheridan's picture on Luis's desk?

Why wasn't Luis out looking for Sheridan?  All he did was talk about looking for her, but he's not doing it.

If Chad was so worried about Ethan, how come he didn't go to the hospital and check on him?  Ethan is supposed to be Chad's best friend and he didn't want to make sure that he was okay.

What power does TC have to make people want to go to the Blue Note?  Julian didn't need TC's power and influence to get people there, so why does Liz need that.  That was such an obvious plot device.

Of course TC didn't catch on to how Liz knew that she had to leave the house.  Why else would she ask him if she could stay in the garage apartment a little longer?  TC and Eve didn't tell her she had to leave so she didn't have to ask if she could stay.

Did anyone really believe that Luis saved Sheridan?  We didn't think so.

Final thoughts:

We are about to shock you with this thought.  Liz pulled a fast one on TC.  Shocking isn't it?  He was supposed to throw Liz out, but he never did.  She kept cutting him off and he never told her that she had to leave.  She even slipped up and he didn't notice it.  She asked him if she could stay in the garage apartment a little longer.  No one told her that she had to leave, but she mentioned staying a little longer.  Come on TC, open up your eyes.

Once again Whitney was being a light switch.  One minute she wants to make things right with her family and the next she's saying that her father won't forgive her.  She needs to make up her mind.

The writers really need to stop messing with our heads.  Anyone who has been watching Passions long enough knows that Luis did not find Sheridan that easily.  He had no way of knowing that she was in Beth's basement.  Also he would not have been so calm about it either.  There's no way that Beth would have let him get that close to Sheridan.

Overall thoughts:

Well, this week proved a few things to us:

Antonio isn't worried about Sheridan.  She left without saying anything to anyone and he's fine with that.  Also, despite the numerous times Luis tried to convince him that Sheridan had to be kidnapped, he wouldn't believe it.  If she weren't kidnapped, then she left for no reason and that would be okay with him.

This week proved that Edna is a waste of a character.  All she ever does is constantly remind Beth, Charlie, and the audience of what they are doing to poor Sheridan.  She could have put a stop to it, but she lied and Miguel, Charity, and Luis couldn't save her.  What is her purpose on the show?

This week also proved that Grace is a hypocrite.  She got mad at Sam for holding Ivy as if she wasn't caught doing worse with David.  At least Sam and Ivy had their clothes on.  Now Grace knows what Sam went through when he walked in on her and David.

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