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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #67

6/9 - 6/13/03


Once again Grace should have went after Sam instead of talking to Ivy.  She could tell Ivy what happened between her and David but she couldn't tell Sam.

We wish that Whitney would hurry up and tell everyone what her decision is.  It's taking too long for her to spit it out.

No one noticed how nervous Beth was acting at the cottage.  

We didn't need Grace telling us that her marriage to Sam was over.  We kind of got the feeling that it was when Sam said that it was over.

Luis was too concerned about Sheridan, but Antonio still didn't notice.

No one heard Beth talking to herself about Sheridan.

How come the cops still haven't caught up to where Charlie was?  They didn't sound as if they were that far away.

Why did Whitney have to say a few things before she gave a decision?

It's Grace's fault why her marriage is over.  She's got no one to blame but herself.

Grace didn't need David to tell her to go to Sam.  She should have done that herself.

It took Whitney the entire episode to tell her family that she was going to California.

Big surprise Charlie heard Luis calling for Sheridan.  If he thought someone kidnapped her, why would did he choose to scream so loud?  He could have scared the kidnapper off.

Final thoughts:

Whitney was really stalling today.  It took her the entire episode just to tell her family that she was going to California.  She couldn't just say what her decision, she had to say a few things first.  For some reason TC and Eve thought that Whitney was going to stay in Harmony.  She was practically giving them a goodbye speech and they thought she was staying.  Simone was really being heartless today.  We know that she thinks Whitney hurt her, but she didn't have to be so hateful.

Grace could have tried to fix her problem with Sam if she wanted to.  She actually expected Ivy to help her with Sam.  David shouldn't have been the one to tell her to go to Sam.  Big surprise she didn't do it.


Why did Luis, Hank, Antonio, and Ethan constantly ask one another if they found Sheridan?  If they did, she would have been with them.

Gwen didn't have to be so rude to Theresa.  She was only trying to help her.

Once again, Luis insisted on calling out Sheridan's name again.  That was only going to let Charlie know how close he was to finding her.

What happened to all of the sirens that Charlie heard?  They disappeared all of a sudden.  The cops should have caught up to her.

Why wouldn't David want a doctor unless he is lying?

Luis should have seen Charlie when he was looking for Sheridan.  He looked in the direction that she was in.

Nobody noticed that Charlie was dragging a pregnant woman around Harmony.

What kind of father would disown his own daughter over a guy?  TC is a real jerk.

It's too bad that Eve didn't hit Liz when she was rubbing in what is happening to her family.

Did Ivy forget that she did cheat on Julian?  She went to Sam on her wedding night.

Eve, TC, or Simone could have said goodbye to Whitney.  They were all being so hateful to her.  We get that Simone feels that Whitney hurt and they don't want her to go, but they could have said something to her.

Why would Mrs. Wallace tell Charlie about calling the police about her earring?  That was so stupid.

Speaking of Charlie's earring, why would she even be worried about getting caught?  It's not as if anyone would connect the earring to her anyway.

Final thoughts:

TC proved what kind of a monster he could be today.  He was so cruel to Whitney.  He didn't have to treat Whitney the way he did.  He was okay with Chad when he thought he was dating Simone, but now that he is with Whitney, he is a street punk.  Eve is no better than TC.  She could have said goodbye to Whitney.  She just let TC stop her from going after Whitney.  When Eve starts acting like that, it's really hard to feel sorry for her when Liz rubs in how her family is falling apart.  Simone was also being hateful towards Whitney.  She could have said goodbye to her too.  They don't know if Whitney will ever be back in Harmony again.  That could have been the last time they ever see her again and that was how her family was going to treat her.  TC gave Whitney the ultimate slap in the face when she thought that TC was actually coming outside to make up with her.  Instead he slammed the door in her face.  What a heartless jerk.

Why did Mrs. Wallace have to be back today?  She was dumb enough to tell Charlie that she was going to call the police on her.  What is wrong with her?  All she had to do was just tell the police without telling Charlie. She was also dumb enough to tell Charlie about the earring that she lost.  Mrs. Wallace even told Charlie that a DNA test can be done on her earring.  What was she thinking?


It shouldn't have surprised TC that Whitney left the house. He gave her no reason to stay at home.

Charlie should have put Mrs. Wallace in the pit with Sheridan.  She kept pushing her luck with Charlie.

Simone couldn't wait to blame Whitney for what happened.  It's not as if her parents care about what happened to her so she kept saying that for nothing.  All she did was prove how spoiled she is.

Even though it was good that Eve blamed TC for Whitney leaving, she should have stopped him from treating Whitney the way he did before she left home.  That way Whitney would have known that she cared about her.

TC couldn't wait to blame Eve's long hours for why Whitney left.  In case he forgot, he was the one that practically pushed Whitney out of the house.

Charity is the second person to accuse Beth of suspicious behavior.  When are they going to start believing that she's not who she seems?

Leave it to Simone to only care about herself and not the fact that Whitney left home.  She is the one that's selfish and she had the nerve to say that Whitney was selfish.

What was the real point of Chad and Whitney's scenes today?  All Whitney kept saying was she couldn't believe what happened at the house.

Final thoughts:

Well, TC couldn't wait to start harping on Eve's long hours for the trouble in their family.  He must have forgotten all about how strict he was to Whitney.  If he didn't keep giving her ultimatums, maybe she wouldn't have left with Chad.  It's too bad that Eve didn't yell at TC about that before Whitney left.  Don't even get us started on Simone.  She really is TC's daughter.  She only care about what happened to her.  She just expected Eve and TC to stop arguing about Whitney because of what happened to her.  How many times a day are we going to have to hear that?

Just when it looked as if Beth was going to be caught, she almost gets out of another lie.  Of course Luis wouldn't want to believe that Beth would have anything to gain from Sheridan's disappearance.  He wasted his time and ours questioning her and he believed her stupid story.  What a waste.

Finally, Chad and Whitney's scenes were so pointless today.  All she kept saying was how she couldn't believe what happened at her house.  She was really starting to sound like a broken record.  


Simone was starting to sound like a broken record when she was talking about Whitney.  We get it, she hates Whitney.  Do we have to keep hearing about it?

It's too bad that Eve couldn't hit Liz again.  

How many times is Mrs. Wallace going to tell Charlie about getting caught?  

Big surprise Beth wasn't caught the way the writers made it look.  There's no way that she would be caught, let alone like that.

Whitney needed to make up her mind about whether or not she was going with Chad.  

Who was Liz to judge Eve's family when she doesn't have one of her own.

Big surprise Antonio didn't see the earring.  

If Liz wanted TC to know about Eve's past, then she should just tell him.

Luis gave himself away about Sheridan.  The only way he would have now that Charity had a premonition about Sheridan getting in an explosion was if he was with her.  Of course Antonio didn't catch on to it.

When did Charlie have time to change her clothes?  All she was doing was getting something to eat.

Final thoughts:

Big surprise TC was going to blame Chad and Eve for what happened with Whitney.  It looked as if he might have been trying to help Simone feel better, but he just used that as an opportunity to call Chad a punk and tell Simone that Eve should have been there for them.

Whitney and Chad's scenes were a waste again.  She was a real light switch today.  We just wish she could have made a decision and stuck to it.

Another waste today was Beth's fantasy.  It really did seem convincing at first.  It seemed as if Antonio really found Charlie's earring.  That should have been a sign.  There was no way that any of the people at the cottage would have caught on to Beth.  There's a big surprise.  How many people will have to suspect Beth before anyone (besides Gwen) will believe that she's up to something?


Chad and Whitney didn't look like they were that close to the window when they were kissing, yet Fox was able to see them.

Gwen didn't have to be so rude to Theresa.

Theresa suddenly had to check on little Ethan.  Where was he all of this time?  He was with her the last time he was shown.

If Liz can't find a place to stay, she must be planning on staying on the street if she thinks she can still carry out her revenge on Eve.

What is keeping Chad and Whitney from leaving Harmony?  He was supposed to be going to California right away.

Why didn't Theresa check on little Ethan when she left the cottage?  Instead of talking to Fox, she could have checked on him.

TC seems obsessed with Whitney.  He talks about her as if she's his girlfriend and not his daughter.  Maybe Eve needs to start wondering about him.

Charlie and Edna weren't that far from the hole so why didn't Sheridan see them?  If they saw her, she should have seen them.

Why does Chad have a picture of TC and Whitney at the studio?

Why is Sheridan's stomach bigger than it was before?  

Final thoughts:

Liz was really working our nerves again.  There's a surprise.  She was so desperate to get revenge on Eve, that she would have been willing to stay anywhere.  She is so obsessed.  If she wanted TC to know about Eve's past, then she should just tell him already.  Hearing her threaten Eve everyday is getting old.

TC was also getting on our nerves.  He talks about Whitney as if she's his girlfriend.  We know that he's hurting, but he is being really weird about her in our opinion.  He also got angry that Eve had to go to the hospital.  For weeks (real time), he hasn't even complained about her hours at the the hospital but now he's at it again.

We are also getting sick of Antonio just accepting what Beth was saying.  She didn't even sound convincing and he believed it.  He also couldn't tell that Luis was too concerned for Sheridan.  He's more concerned than Antonio seems to be about her.

Overall thoughts:

There were a lot of wasted scenes this week.  Chad and Whitney's scenes were so pointless this week.  All they did was talk about what happened to her and her family.  Whitney was also a real light switch this week.  One minute she wanted to go home and the next she wanted to go to California with Chad.  It was a complete waste.

The scenes at Sheridan's cottage were also a waste.  The worst thing about these scenes was Beth managed to have a fantasy.  Of course if she was going to be exposed, it would only be through a fantasy.  These scenes were also a waste because they still don't know where Sheridan is.  Big surprise Charity's premonitions about Beth were also a waste because Beth was able to lie about Sheridan.

Charlie and Edna's scenes were also a waste.  They kept saying the same things over and over again.  Nothing new happened during these scenes except Sheridan actually woke up.

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