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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #66

6/2 - 6/6/03


Eve needs new dialogue quick because all she is doing is talking about Sam and Grace.

If Fox didn't keep pushing Julian about Eve, Julian wouldn't have had to threaten him.  He was pushing his luck with Julian.

What was taking Gwen so long to make the tea for Sheridan.  She only had five minutes to make it.  She must have the same problem Antonio had when he was making her tea.

Why would Fox tell Julian that he was going to tell TC the truth?  He could have just told TC without warning Julian.

Big surprise TC didn't catch Eve in her lie.  What a shock. *sarcasm*

TC said that if Chad were Whitney's brother, then she wouldn't be with him. He didn't realize that that would mean that Eve would have had her child.

What happened to Beth's belly?  It is noticeably smaller than it was before.  Maybe some of the sugar is leaking out of her stomach.

Where is Whitney getting all of these clothes?  She keeps changing her clothes.  That happens on Passions, but she is changing more than anyone else so far.

Fox needs someone to talk to because he is spending more time talking to himself than anyone else.

Why are David and Grace suddenly talking about how bad drugs are now?  They didn't mention it before.

TC has gone back to being obsessed with Whitney's tennis career.  That didn't take long.

It's getting easier and easier for David to lie to Grace.  She is so gullible.

Suddenly David could possibly have a drug problem.  Was that really wise for the writers to give him a storyline like this when the actor has a drug problem?

Did Sam forget that he threw Ivy out of his house?  He is acting as if he wants her to stay with him.

Final thoughts:

TC is at it again.  He was really acting obsessed with tennis.  He was willing to disown his own daughter because he couldn't accept Chad.  He also thought for a second that it wouldn't have been a bad thing if Chad and Whitney were brother and sister.  What an idiot.

What were the writers thinking by possibly making David a drug addict?  That was done in such poor taste.  The actor portraying David has a real-life drug problem so writing the addiction into this story was tacky in our opinion.


How many times is Ivy going to tell Sam about Grace and David?  He already knows what she did to him.

TC was really driving the point home that Chad is a street punk.

Did anyone really think that Gwen was going to catch Beth and Charlie together?  Neither did we.  Since she took so long to get into the room, Charlie was able to get out of sight.

TC disowning Whitney will only make her want to stay with Chad.  

Why did Gwen trust Beth alone with Sheridan?  She knows that Beth is up to something so why would she take the risk of leaving her alone with Beth.

Gwen doesn't even realize that she inadvertently made it possible for Charlie to get Sheridan out of the cottage.  If she let Luis or Antonio check on Sheridan, then they would have caught Charlie.

If David wanted to tell Grace to know what's wrong with him, he could have just told her instead of just saying her name.

If Sam knew why Grace had to leave, then why did he get so mad at her?

Final thoughts:

TC really needs to talk to a psychiatrist.  He is really getting obsessed with Whitney playing tennis.  No matter how hard he pushes her, it won't make him a tennis star.  The only thing he will do is push her out of his life forever.

Grace kept yelling at David so much he didn't get the chance to tell her what was wrong with him.  She didn't think that he could have been a diabetic.  That is probably what he is gong to say that he is.

What was up with Gwen today?  She took so long to go into Sheridan's room that she made it possible for Charlie to hide.  Also, why would she trust Beth alone with Sheridan?  She knows that something isn't right with her, but she left her alone with Sheridan.

Liz was back today.  We didn't miss her at all.


TC needs to get arrested for always attacking people.

Did anyone really think that Luis, Antonio, Ethan, and Gwen were going to see Charlie with Sheridan?  We didn't think so.

Nobody saw Liz pulling on Eve while TC was talking to Whitney.  It's not as if she was discreet.

Antonio said that the noise they heard in the cottage sounded like it came from her bedroom, so why would they believe that Beth dropped the tray in the living room.

Chad was conveniently in a magazine that a girl was looking at in California.

Why hasn't David suffered from this disease before?  Why didn't Grace call Eve about the drug that David takes?

How convenient was it that Ivy was the one that canceled the second room for David and Grace.

Why did Simone have to be back on the show?  The first chance she got she blamed Whitney for everything.

Whitney needs to stand up to Simone.  She shouldn't let her blame her for everything.  If she can stand up to TC, then she should have no problem standing up to Simone.

The kids in California are really terrible actors in our opinion.  They never had to be on the show.

Final thoughts:

Grace didn't think to ask Eve about David's disease.  How does she know that he's telling the truth.  He has never mentioned having this disease before and now he has it.  Plus she didn't think to call for help.  She didn't have to get in the bed with him.

TC is really getting worse.  He needs anger management.  He's ready to fight Chad again.  He is also stereotyping Chad by calling him a street punk and calling him a rapper among other things.

Simone was back today.  This is not a good thing.  All she did was blame Whitney for everything.  She had such a smug look on her face when TC was telling Whitney about forgetting about Chad.  Whitney needs to leave Harmony and forget about them.

All the guards that were on the Crane estate managed not to see Charlie on the grounds.  They aren't exactly good security guards.  No wonder Charlie is going to get away.


Why did Charity have to be back on Passions?  We didn't miss her at all.  All she does is talk about her premonitions.

Grace didn't have to jump in bed with David.  She could have called for help.  Oh right, that would have made too much sense.  Plus she wouldn't have been able to touch David.

What has Simone sacrificed for Whitney's tennis career?  TC said that they all sacrificed for her.  We don't recall what Simone did.

 Luis didn't have to react the way he did when we all know that the guards didn't have Charlie?  The writers have pulled this stunt once too often.

Antonio must really be blind if he doesn't notice the way Luis is acting over Sheridan's stalker.  He's more determined than Antonio is but he can't get it.

Ivy is getting so desperate to get Sam back that she has to tell Sam a million times that Grace is with David.

Charlie can pick up a pregnant woman, but she was having trouble changing a tire.

Miguel and Charity should have just walked away from Charlie when they had the chance.

Miguel didn't have to tell Charlie that Charity has premonitions.  It was none of Charlie's business.

How convenient was it that Miguel couldn't get a signal on his phone.

All Luis had to do was say that he loved Sheridan.  He didn't have to build up what he was saying.

Final thoughts:

TC gave Whitney another ultimatum.  This one was go to California and she would never be welcomed back in the Russell house again.  All he is doing is making her decision really easy for her.

Grace didn't have to stay in bed with David.  Maybe it's just us, be we just don't get how being naked in bed with David was going to help him.  That was so stupid.

Big surprise the guards didn't catch Charlie.  She shouldn't have been able to get away with all of the guards looking for her, but of course they didn't find her.


Grace acted as if she was surprised that Sam reacted the way he did when he caught her with David.  How else was he supposed to react when he saw her naked and on top of David?

If Luis wanted to tell Antonio the truth, he could have just told him.  He didn't have to give it the slow build up.

Grace didn't see Ivy by the door.  Ivy was right near the door so she should have seen her.

Grace could have told Sam that she saw David's medication.  She chose to keep saying his name instead of explaining what was wrong with David.

How many times is Luis going to let everyone stop him from telling Antonio the truth?  He must be going for a record.

Gwen didn't have to lie to Antonio about what Luis wanted to tell him.  She was the one that kept saying that Antonio needs to know the truth.  She was the only one that had brains in that story and now she's just like all of the others.

Simone is just as bad as TC.  She is sounding like a broken record and she refuses to accept that Chad is also responsible for what happened between her and Whitney.

Instead of talking to Ivy, Grace should have went after Sam.

Final thoughts:

There was a lot of stalling going on in this episode.  Grace could have easily told Sam that David had a disease.  Eve though Sam didn't give her much time to say anything, she still could have hurried up and said something.  All she kept saying was "Sam, it's not what it looks like."  How else was Sam supposed to react.

Luis was also stalling in this episode.  All he had to do was say that Sheridan was the one that he loved and not Beth.  It took him two days to say nothing and when he got close enough to tell Antonio, he was interrupted by everyone telling him not to do it.  Was anyone really surprised by that?

Whitney was stalling too.  She could have hurried up and said that she was going to California with Chad.  the spoilers have already let us know that she was going so dragging out the answer was pointless.  We all know what she is going to say.

Overall thoughts:

Well overall this week, it seemed as if everyone went to the Ryan Seacrest (American Idol) school of stalling.  Everyone who had something to tell someone (i.e. David, Grace, Luis, and Whitney) took forever to do it.  Only David finally told Grace that he had a disease, but it took him forever to do it.  Grace should have told Sam about David's disease instead of yammering with Ivy.  Her stalling had to be one of the worst this week because it's going to cost her her marriage.  Gwen was also a student at the Ryan Seacrest school of stalling.  If she didn't take so long to get into Sheridan's room, she would have caught Beth and Charlie in the act of kidnapping Sheridan.

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