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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #65

5/26 - 5/30/03


The last time we checked, Julian did not force Theresa to stay at the Crane estate.  She chose to stay there so she wouldn't lose her son.

Grace would deserve it if Ivy took Sam away from her.  She shouldn't have left with David and she wouldn't have to worry about making a mistake by leaving her family.

Grace needs to hurry and decide whether or not she wants to go on the trip with David.  We are tired of him asking her if she wants him to take her home.

Why is TC acting as if Eve couldn't have had a relationship with another man?  He acts as if he's the only person she could have been with.  She's not the only woman he's been with so why does he expect to be the only man Eve's been with.

Theresa is acting as if she's got the money to fight Julian for custody of little Ethan.

How long was Sam going to stand and watch the fire in his kitchen?  He must have been waiting for the fire to go out by itself.

We're so tired of Eve attempting to tell TC the truth.  We already know that she won't tell him.

Final thoughts

Theresa kept giving Julian a hard time about little Ethan.  She refused to compromise with Julian about little Ethan.  She kept telling him that he was a bad father as if she is a great mother.

Eve keeps talking about telling TC the truth, but all she ever does is stall.  She has no intention of telling him the truth.

Grace decided to go through with leaving with David.  She did so much complaining about it, she should have just went back home.


Why doesn't anyone recognize Eve's voice?  She sounds the same.

How many times is TC going to mention what Grace did to Sam?  We think that Eve gets the point that he doesn't approve of what she did.

David knows that Grace won't remember anything so why would he ask her if she remembered the hotel?

That was convenient that the hotel only registered one room for David and Grace.

Why is Whitney wearing different clothes?  It is still the same day.  We know that Chad had to change his clothes because he got wet but Whitney didn't get wet so she didn't have to change her clothes.

Are we the only ones that don't think Eve and Whitney sound alike?

Who didn't know that the hotel David and Grace are in was going to be booked?

All Chad cares about is having sex with Whitney.  He doesn't care about anything else. 

How convenient was it that Loretta found Chad's DNA results.  That hasn't been mentioned in a long time.

Wasn't Fox supposed to get rid of the Blue Note?  Why does he still have it?

Why is TC just now telling Eve about his old romances?  He should have told her that before.

Antonio is really shoving that wedding down Luis's throat.

Fox cares too much about Julian's past with Eve.

If TC wanted to know about Eve's past then he shouldn't keep interrupting her.

TC only thought that Chad could be Eve's son.  Of course he didn't believe it.

Luis needs to tell Antonio that he doesn't want him forcing him to get married.

Final thoughts:

TC kept Eve from telling him the truth by constantly cutting her off.  He conveniently had a suspicion that Chad could have been her son.  He also said again that he would have been upset with her if she had a past with a man and didn't tell him about it.

The hotel conveniently didn't have enough rooms so David and Grace had to share. 

Luis allowed Antonio to force him to agree to marrying Beth.  He could have told him that he didn't want to marry Beth.


It got dark really fast.  How long did Sam and Ivy take to get to the Lobster Shack?

Grace said that she and David weren't going on a second honeymoon, but now she isn't saying anything about it.  She is not correcting David and telling him that they are not on a second honeymoon.

How long were Eve and TC at the Lobster Shack?  They were still there when Sam and Ivy got there.

Charlie knows what Beth's plan is so why is she acting as if it is such a surprise to her?  She knew that Beth was planning to marry Luis so she was screaming for nothing.

TC and Eve need to talk about something other than Sam and Grace.

Mrs. Wallace didn't need to give us the rundown of what Beth's done.

How come none of the women were able to go look for Charlie?  What were Antonio and Ethan going to do that Sheridan, Gwen, and Beth couldn't do?

Big surprise Charlie was going to get away from Luis, Antonio, and Ethan.  With all of them plus the security guards looking for her, she shouldn't have gotten away.

Sheridan is always calling Beth a good friend, but she never calls Gwen a good friend.  She is the one that listens to her and proves that she's a good friend.  Beth hasn't proven that she is a good friend yet she calls her a good friend all of the time.

If Eve is so worried about Ivy taking advantage of Sam, then she and TC could go to their table.

If Charlie wanted Beth to pay, then she could have went in Sheridan's cottage and told everyone about Beth's plan.

Why were Luis, Ethan, Antonio, and the guards talking so loudly when they were trying to catch Charlie?  All they were doing was letting her know that they were near her and giving her a chance to get away.

Final thoughts:

Why would TC assume that Eve was never with another man?  What would have been wrong if Eve was with someone else?  He has been with other women so why is it wrong that she could have been with other men. 

David and Eve are constantly judging Ivy for what she was doing to Sam, but they aren't doing anything to stop it.


How convenient was it that Kenisha called Chad and told him about going to California.  He hasn't mentioned anything about going to California in a white.

If Mrs. Wallace wanted to expose Beth, then why would she warn her about Charlie?  She could have let her get caught.

Beth doesn't have to worry about getting caught.  It's not as if Luis is going to catch Charlie anyway?

Did anyone really think that Luis saw Charlie?

It's too bad Gwen couldn't go in the room with Beth a little sooner.  That way she could have heard what Beth was saying.

David told Grace such a stupid lie about the painting and she believed it. There's a surprise.

Eve is the biggest hypocrite in Harmony.  She continues to judge Ivy, but she won't tell the truth.

Of course Charlie found a way to blame Sheridan for what Beth did to her.

How convenient was it that the violinist remembered David and Grace.  Of course David had to pay him off.  When did he have time to do that.

Actual dialogue: My chest is so tight with tension.  Leave it to Sheridan to say something like that.

Why would Sheridan leave her window open when she knows someone is trying to kill her?

Grace couldn't wait to start kissing David.  

How did Fox get away from TC so fast?

Final thoughts:

Sheridan was so stupid to leave her window open.  If someone has snuck onto the estate and could possible be trying to kill you, why would you make it easy for them to do?

Mrs. Wallace didn't have to warn Beth about Charlie.  She's not exactly proving that she wants Beth to get caught.

Grace would believe the stupid excuse that David told her about his phone call.  It didn't make sense at all.  She also seemed to enjoy kissing David today.  She must not miss Sam much at all. 


Grace really looked as if she was enjoying that kiss. She must be over Sam now.

It could be just us but Eve looked as if she was ready for Julian to kiss her.

As much as Sheridan gets hurt, you would think that she would be more aware of her surroundings.

Of course Beth was the one that knocked on Sheridan's door.  It was so obvious that she was going to be the one that caught Charlie in Sheridan's room.

What was taking TC so long to get to the terrace?  It wasn't like it was a long walk.

Once again, Charlie made it easy for Beth to lie to her.

How did Charlie know that Beth set the cottage on fire?  She didn't know Beth when she did that.

Why didn't Gwen hear Charlie in the cottage?  Everyone heard Charlie outside, but she didn't hear her right in the cottage.

TC asked Ivy what she was doing outside as if she didn't have a right to be out there.  It's a public place.  She had the right to be there.

Final thoughts:

TC managed to look for Eve everywhere but on the terrace.  He even checked the ladies room before he went outside.

Grace was willing to walk away from Sam again.  Now she wants to go away with him.

What was so special about the last time Chad and Whitney made love?  Why did we have to hear that song again?

Overall thoughts of the week:

Big surprise Luis, Antonio, and Ethan didn't find Charlie outside of the cottage.  Maybe if they weren't talking so loud while they were looking for Charlie, they would have found her.

All Eve and TC kept doing was talking about Sam and Grace.  TC also kept going on about Eve never being with anyone else.  He was making such a big deal about it.

The biggest problem this week was of course Grace.  She left her family and her businesses to go with David.  Then she couldn't make up her mind whether she wanted to go with David, but she finally went with him.  She also wanted to share a room with him.  David has been caught in two lies and she bought them.  What an idiot.

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