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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #64

5/19 - 5/23/03


Antonio is a little too happy about Luis marrying Beth.  It's as if he made it a mission to get them married.

Of course Antonio didn't notice that Sheridan was not crying tears of joy.

Why is everyone just standing there watching David and Sam fight?  They could have done something other than scream?

Miguel didn't need TC to tell him to stop Sam and David from fighting.

Charity thought that tomato soup cake was going to make her and Jessica feel better about Sam and David's fight.

Luis could have told Antonio that he loves Sheridan which is why he can't marry Beth.  He didn't have to dance around the truth as usual.

We didn't need to see Charlie's fantasy about Beth again.

Selective hearing:  Antonio didn't hear Luis say that he wants to be with Sheridan, but Beth and Sheridan did.

Big surprise Antonio didn't know the real reason why Luis can't marry Beth.

Antonio is starting to look like a gold digger.  Now Sheridan's money is his money.  It's funny how he said his money is our money.  He didn't have any money until now.

Sheridan is acting as if it's not her own fault why she's not with Luis.  She needs to tell Antonio the truth, then she can be with him.

Why are Sheridan and Luis so convinced that Beth is a friend to them?  Just because she knew how to step aside and let them be together, it doesn't mean she's a good friend.

Tabitha should invest in a new lock.  Jessica and Charity were able to barge right in her house.

Eve had  a lot of nerve telling David that he should stop causing pain for Grace.  She acts as if she didn't do the same thing.


Miguel could have knocked before barging into Tabitha's house.  He was just as bad as Jessica and Charity.

Grace should tell Sam that she doesn't love David more than Sam.  Maybe he wouldn't leave her.

Jessica has no proof that Kay is responsible for what's going on, yet she can't wait to blame her.

Passions Nitpick:  Antonio used his cell phone in the hospital.

Selective hearing alert:  Beth heard Gwen talking about her to Antonio.

Julian didn't lose the love of his life "today". He never had her to lose her again.

When did John get in the Bennett house to stop Sam from fighting his dad?

Jessica yelled at Kay for blaming Charity for the Bennetts having problems.  Kay didn't blame her.  Charity blamed herself so Jessica should have yelled at her.

How many times does Miguel have to say that he wants to be with Charity before Kay gets the message.

Eve was making a big deal about the kiss she gave Julian.  She only kissed him on the cheek.


How many times is Ivy going to tell David to go after Grace?

All Sheridan knows how to do is dump Luis.  She has no problem dumping Luis, but she can't tell Antonio the truth.

If Eve doesn't want Grace to go with David, she should tell her the truth about him.

We should all thank Sheridan for recapping the things that are keeping her and Luis apart.

Mrs. Wallace should have just called Luis and told him to come over and check the pipes instead of telling Beth that she was going to call him.

We have a solution for Sheridan and Luis.  They could tell Antonio the truth.

We would love to see how Luis is going to be there for Beth and the "baby" and still be there for Luis.  Did he forget that she plans on having an abortion if she doesn't marry him?

How did Beth know that Precious was thinking about Luis?  She must be psychic.


Grace is acting as if it's not her own fault that she's having problems in her marriage.  She shouldn't blame Ivy and David.

Big surprise Beth would have gotten out of explaining what Charlie was doing.

All Ivy keeps saying is how she's going to be with Sam and David is going to be with Grace.  She needs something else to talk about.

Chad makes it so easy for Fox to manipulate him.

Ivy is in no position to threaten Kay.  It's not as if she can blackmail her.

We are so sick of Charity feeling sorry for herself.  We would be willing to help her pack if it meant she would leave Harmony.

We had a feeling Grace would have done something to make Kay change her mind about telling the truth.

Theresa was acting as if she wasn't the reason why Julian threatened to take little Ethan from her.


Sheridan doesn't seem as if she's that miserable with Antonio.

Grace doesn't have to leave if she doesn't want to.  She's acting as if she's being forced to go with David.

Grace is a a fool if she expects Sam to understand what she's doing to him.  She's going to be sick if he moves on with Ivy.

Theresa was pushing her luck with Julian.  He was being nice to Theresa about little Ethan and she still won't let him see little Ethan.  All he wanted was to see him and she couldn't handle that.

We are so sick of the way Theresa is treating Julian.  He didn't have to agree to let her take little Ethan off the property.

Sheridan didn't see Beth peeking in her window.  It looked as if she looked right at her.

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