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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #63

5/12 - 5/16/03


TC proves how smart he is (sarcasm).  He asked Liz why Eve would be upset about her baby.

Why would Grace that John was Sam.  They don't look alike.

It's always something with Sheridan. We don't even want to get into it.

You can put money on whether or not Mrs. Wallace will be believed if she tells about Beth's plan.

Fox acted as if Chad didn't tell him already that his father was a racist.

Big surprise Beth was able to stop Luis from finding out what Mrs. Wallace was talking about.

Why did Sheridan bother asking Mrs. Wallace about why she knows about her dreams?  She's most likely not going to believe her.

Speaking of Mrs. Wallace, how did she know to show up at the Crane estate? Ethan must have invited half of Harmony to Gwen's celebration.

It certainly didn't take long for Mrs. Wallace to lie to Sheridan.  She needs to stop attempting to tell the truth if she's going to let Beth influence her.

Antonio was making a big deal about Sheridan eating.  He pretty much said that she was greedy.  We remember last week he was complaining about her not eating.

Luis is such a gentleman (sarcasm). He walked right in front of Sheridan when they went to the Book Cafe.

Where did all the people come from at the Cafe?  When Luis, Sheridan and Antonio walked in, it was empty.  After Beth and Mrs. Wallace got in there, it was full.

Antonio is really shoving it down Luis's throat that he should marry Beth.

Sheridan is really naive. Gwen is catching Beth in lie after lie and she still thinks that Beth is pregnant.

It still hasn't dawned on TC why Liz knows so much about Eve's past.  What is it going to take?


TC was acting as if Eve didn't tell him already that she had a son.

If Mrs. Wallace didn't want Beth to get away with lying about her pregnancy, then she should have told the truth.  She made it easy for Beth to lie.

Theresa and Whitney are really overdoing it with the foreshadowing about Chad's parents.

TC doesn't notice how Liz is taking pride in Eve's misery.

How convenient was it that Whitney heard Eve talking about her son.  She didn't mention her son when Whitney walked up on her.

Whitney told Eve that "you never told up about it" in reference to her son.  It was obvious that she didn't tell them or they would have known.

Where did Ivy get the money to give to the little boy?  She said that she didn't have any money.

It should have been obvious why Beth would lie about her pregnancy, yet Ethan still had to ask.

Grace is so obvious.  The only reason she doesn't want David to sign the annulment papers is so she won't feel guilty.

It's been over 20 years since Sam threw the baseball at Ivy and it's still in the same spot.  Yeah, we believe that.

What would possess Ivy to reach for the baseball?  She got what she deserved when she fell out of her chair.

How convenient was it that Sam just happened to be where Ivy was about to fall.

There must be something wrong with Chad's brain.  When Fox practically said that Chad was Eve's son, Chad didn't know who he was talking about.

Big surprise Grace was going with David.  She obviously didn't want to make her marriage work after all.


When did Gwen have time to change her clothes?

We are so sick of Liz reminding us that TC will go crazy when he finds out Julian is the father of Eve's son.

Fox is acting as if he wasn't the one that convinced Chad that he could be Eve's son. He asked Chad if he really believed that he was Eve's son.

Why is everyone acting as if Chad and Whitney couldn't be brother and sister just because they are in love?  That doesn't mean they couldn't be related.

We are so ready to slap Sheridan.  Gwen proved that Beth could be lying yet she still doesn't want to believe it.

If Mrs. Wallace wanted Beth exposed, she could do it herself.

Liz is acting as if she isn't keeping a secret herself.  She said that Eve is keeping secrets, but she kept one from Antonio.  She never told him about her sister.

Liz blamed Eve for her pain.  She needs to blame herself for why her life turned out the way it did.

We didn't need to see all of Whitney's flashbacks.  We get it.  She loves him.  We didn't need to be reminded of it.

How convenient was it that there was a picture of a clown sitting on the table for Sheridan to see it.

How many times is Theresa going to say that Whitney and Chad are in love so that can't be brother and sister?


TC could have helped Eve the same way that Julian did.

How many times is Gwen going to compare Beth to Theresa?  We get it.  She thinks she's like Theresa.  We don't have to be reminded of it every five minutes.

How convenient was it that Beth had time to call Charlie and tell her to pose as the doctor.

If Beth asked Charlie to pose as the doctor, why was she acting as if she was scared to be in the doctor's office?

How convenient was it that Dr. Culver doesn't see patients during the day.  Beth would have been sick if Dr. Culver showed up early.

Once again, Charlie made it so easy for Beth to lie to her.

If Eve had TC's baby, TC would have known.  He would have known that she was pregnant.  

Beth is so pathetic.  Luis couldn't be more obvious that he wants to be with Sheridan, yet she still wants to be with him.

Selective vision alert:  Luis didn't notice when Charlie broke her pencil when he mentioned being there for Beth during her pregnancy.

Of course Whitney wasn't going to tell why Eve's secret ruined her life.

Of course Antonio didn't notice how Luis was too concerned for Sheridan.

When TC said that he knew what was going on with Eve, it was so obvious that he didn't know anything.


Beth proves everyday how pathetic she is.  Luis clearly doesn't want her and she still keeps trying to break up Sheridan and Luis.

If Grace wanted to make her marriage to Sam work, why is she going off with David to rekindle her love for him? 

Antonio is really obsessing over Luis getting married to Beth.

Sheridan will come up with any excuse to get out of telling Antonio the truth.  Now they can't tell him because the truth will kill her.

It's taking TC a long time to tell Eve what he knows about the baby.  Now we know that he has no idea what the truth is.

Whitney seemed kind of happy at the idea that Eve could have had a miscarriage.  Talk about self-centered.  Eve having a miscarriage would make life easier for her.

Liz could have just told TC the truth instead of beating around the bush about the baby.

How does Grace think going  away with David will help save her and Sam's marriage?

Who did Antonio think he was volunteering Sheridan to help plan Beth and Luis's wedding?

Why would TC think that Eve had a miscarriage?  She never said that she had one.  She said that her baby was taken from her.

Of course Antonio would have fond a way to make sure Luis marries Beth.  Why wouldn't Luis know about the insurance that would cover his wife?  He has got to know about Luis and Sheridan.

Chad needs to dump Whitney.  she was willing to break up with Chad before she found out for sure that Chad was her brother.  Now that Eve said she miscarried, Whitney can be with him.

Antonio must be blind again.  He didn't notice that Sheridan wasn't happy about Luis and Beth getting married.

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