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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #62

5/5 - 5/9/03


We are so tired of Whitney talking about her problems with her family.  She needs to make a decision.

If Whitney's so worried about what her parents think, we're surprised that she would take the risk and spend the night with him.

It's always something with Sheridan.  maybe she needs to take up residence in the hospital.

When is Chad going to LA? He was supposed to go last night.

Grace needs to stop letting Kay talk to her the way she does.  She should have kicked her out of the house.

How did Eve beat Antonio to the cottage? Last Friday Antonio said that he was going to check on Sheridan.  Beth must live a million miles away from her.

Where did Whitney get her change of clothes?  She didn't bring any clothes with her when she went to the studio.

Kay knows that Miguel is deluded yet she still wants to be with him.

How convenient was it that Sam and Grace didn't hear David and Ivy talking to each other.

Grace stopped David from signing the annulment papers.  She said she wanted to make her marriage work, but she obviously didn't.


How convenient was it that Theresa found the papers that Julian left behind.

Why would Julian leave the papers about his son lying around for anyone to see.

Passions Nitpick:  Sam is the chief of police yet he didn't lock the door. TC and Tabitha shouldn't have been able to walk right in the house.

It didn't take long for Liz to start talking about getting revenge on Eve.  Last week she actually cared about Eve losing her baby and now she's talking about revenge.

Ivy is acting as if Sam will rush to her just because his marriage may be over.

How did Liz know that TC would be at Sam's house?  She must be psychic.

Even though it's good that Kay felt bad for what she did to her parents, if she didn't cause trouble for them in the first place, their marriage wouldn't be destroyed.

Whitney must have forgotten about going to class.


Beth is acting as if she's really pregnant.  Now she's naming a baby that isn't real.

How long does it take Antonio to get back to the cottage?  Sheridan had time to go to sleep before he got there.

Selective Hearing Alert:  TC didn't hear Liz talking about him walking in on Eve.

Mrs. Wallace said that Beth wouldn't be able to fool Luis for long.  There's a big laugh.  She's been able to fool him this long.

Who didn't know that TC wasn't going to find Julian with Eve?

Now all of a sudden, Whitney is feeling a family bond with Chad.

When did Julian have time to change clothes?

Liz should have drawn TC a picture of her sister.  Maybe he would have a clue as to who she is.

Maybe TC should put his keys around his neck.  That way he can stop losing them.

Why wouldn't TC ask Liz how she knew about Eve's baby?


How many times is Sheridan going to tell Luis that Beth is pregnant?

How convenient was it that Julian and Chad suddenly have the same mannerisms.

It didn't take long for Theresa to believe that she will be with Ethan.  She told Gwen that she wasn't trying to take him away from her.

We thought that Sheridan and Luis were supposed to forget about their problems yet Sheridan couldn't wait to bring them up.

How convenient was it that TC wanted a son.

TC practically crippled Eve with guilt about not having a son.  No wonder she felt like she had to apologize.

Who does Theresa think she is saying that Ethan loves her more than he loves Gwen?  Unless she's psychic, she doesn't know who he loves more.

How many times are we going to have to see the flashback of Whitney singing?

The rappers were terrible lip synchers in our opinion.

Why didn't Julian recognize Crystal's name when Whitney mentioned it?

Why is Theresa making it her business who Fox is in love with?  It's none of her business who he loves.


How convenient that the dark clouds only appeared at the Crane mansion.

Why is spring almost over when it should still be winter?

JER must have a quota to fill when it concerns showing the Whitney singing flashback.

Liz is just a little too happy about Eve telling TC the truth.  Of course TC doesn't notice.

Who is Theresa to be playing matchmaker?  She doesn't have Ethan yet she thinks she can set Fox up with the love of his life.

When did Antonio and Beth change clothes?  How long were they gone for?

Once again TC didn't question why Liz knows so much about Eves baby.  He just sat there as if it was okay that she knew.

Sheridan keeps assuming that Beth is a friend to her.  Beth never shows that she is a friend to her.

We are tired of Theresa blaming Julian for why she got drunk. Nobody told her to drink the champagne.

Theresa acts as if Julian is not little Ethan's father.  She acts as if she's his only parent.

We didn't approve of Julian taking little Ethan away from Theresa at first, but now the girl will deserve it if he does take him away from her.  Julian didn't have to offer her shared custody of little Ethan and now she pushed her luck.

TC could have called Eve if he wanted to talk to her.

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