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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #61

4/28 - 5/2/03


If Whitney decided to make her own decisions, it shouldn't matter what her parents think about her singing.

Luis asked if Antonio and Hank if they had any luck finding the person that was trying to kill Sheridan.  If they did find her, she would have been with them.

Sheridan makes it so obvious that she cares more about hurting Antonio than being with Luis.

Why wouldn't Luis question whether Beth was carrying his baby?  He hasn't been with her in months (real time) so it shouldn't be his.

Instead of lecturing Beth about lying about her pregnancy, Mrs. Wallace could have told Luis the truth.

Guess Whitney forgot about her decision to be with Chad.  She told Eve that she was going to be with Chad, yet she's still willing to stay in Harmony for six months.

How does Fox know that Eve despises the Cranes?

It certainly didn't take much for Whitney to listen to TC and Eve.

Convenient Timing Alert:  Sheridan just happened to show up while Beth was telling Luis about the baby.


How many times is Fox going to flashback to Whitney singing?

Alistair knew what happened at the Blue Note, but he didn't know that Julian wasn't legally married to Theresa.

Unless Chad told Fox about what happened, how did Fox know that Chad and Whitney got caught be TC?

Eve is proving again that she is no different from TC.

How does Antonio know that Beth and Sheridan's babies will be born at the same time?

Eve sounded just like TC calling Chad a street punk.

How did Theresa get into the Russell's house?  Eve didn't let her in because she was talking to Liz.

Who didn't know that Antonio was going to suggest that Luis and Beth get married?

Once again Antonio forgot about Miguel having a baby.  He said that he and Luis will be fathers together.  He didn't mention how Miguel is going to be a father with them.

Theresa was supposed to be there for Whitney.  It was not the other way around.

How did Liz know that Eve had a baby with Julian?

Why would Eve tell Liz about her baby?  She is just giving her one more thing to blackmail her about.

Eve pushed her luck.  Liz was actually being sympathetic to her and she pushed her away.

Antonio couldn't wait to rub Sheridan's nose in the fact that Beth is pregnant.

How many times will Sheridan let Antonio tell her what to do?  She didn't have to hug and congratulate Beth if she didn't want to.


Of course it wouldn't dawn on Antonio why Sheridan is always crying when she should be happy.

Since when has Luis been religious?

Big surprise Sheridan fainted again.  It's a wonder she can stand up straight.

Eve is acting as if it's not her own fault that Whitney is mad at her.

It was so obvious that Whitney wanted to get married yet Chad didn't notice.

How convenient that Beth wanted to get married in order to keep her baby.


How convenient is it that Gwen, Sheridan, and Kay are showing?  It is only the next night and now they are showing.  They were not showing "last night" and now they are.

Why would Charity think that Grace would think she is selfish for being with Miguel?  Grace has been a cheerleader for Charity and Miguel so she wouldn't think that she's selfish.

Beth is suddenly calling Mrs. Wallace Edna.  She knew her name before and she's been calling her mother.  Now that the writers have given Mrs. Wallace a name, she's calling her Edna.

Luis could still tell Antonio the truth if he wants to.

Who didn't know that Pilar was going to tell Luis that he can't be with Sheridan?

Grace couldn't wait to show more concern for Charity and Miguel's relationship than Kay.

Sheridan was willing to break up with Luis now that Beth is "pregnant". She forgot that Luis was willing to stay with her if she was carrying Antonio's baby.

Grace told Kay how Charity and Miguel are supposed to be together.  She acts as if Kay doesn't love Miguel.

Beth is acting as if no one will notice how she is suddenly showing.  If she looked like that before, Luis would have known she is "pregnant".


David must have changed his mind about leaving Harmony.

Why is Ivy still at the Bennett house?  The last time Sam spoke to her, he told her she had to leave.

Sheridan can stand up to Luis, but she can't stand up to Antonio.

It's so amazing how Sheridan has no problem telling Luis that she doesn't want to be with him, but she can't tell Antonio the truth.

Why did Sam volunteer Jessica to help Ivy move?  Why couldn't he help her?

Beth didn't walk Antonio out of her house>  Antonio could have been listening to her and Mrs. Wallace.

Sheridan would deserve it if Luis left her.  Then maybe she would come to her senses and stop pushing him away.

Luis needs to leave Sheridan. All she is doing is playing games with him. One minute she wants him out of her life and the next, she's hugging him.

If Grace wants to work on her marriage, why would she care if David has to lie in order to get the annulment?  She should just be happy that he's doing it.

How many times is Grace going to let Kay call her a b----?  She always just stands there and takes it.

If Charlie wanted to call the police on Beth, she shouldn't have told her she was going to do it.  She could have told the police once she left the house.  She should have known that Beth would try and stop her.

Speaking of Charlie calling the police, how did she think that she was going to prove that Beth was the one that was trying to kill Sheridan?  Sheridan saw her trying to kill her, not Beth.

Charlie makes it so easy for Beth to lie to her.

If Luis didn't want Sheridan to push him to Beth, he shouldn't have told her what Beth wanted.

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