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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #60

4/21 - 4/25/03


If Whitney cared about Chad forgetting about her, when he goes to LA, maybe she should go with him.

Who didn't know that Liz was going to use what Whitney said about Eve to her advantage?  As soon as Whitney told her how Eve hates singing, you knew what she was going to do.

It was so convenient that little Ethan was crying for Ethan.  He doesn't normally do that, but of course he did it then.

Theresa told Gwen that Gwen hated her as if she doesn't hate Gwen.

Why didn't Fox confront Chad about Whitney?  Whitney said that she didn't have a boyfriend.

Gwen could have a little sympathy for Theresa.  She knows that Theresa can't fight Julian on her own.

Why is Rebecca suddenly shoving Julian's feelings for another woman down our throats?

TC refused to see that Liz is too involved with their family problems.

Liz told Whitney that it wasn't that late.  That's impossible when Charity, Miguel, Jessica, etc were at the midnight showing of the movie they saw.  Plus, Charity, Simone and Eve mentioned that it was getting late.

It was convenient for Eve that Liz left that paper on Whitney's bed.


Eve could have told the nurse before that she had a family situation. Then she wouldn't have had to go to the hospital yesterday.

The excuse that Beth gave Mrs. Wallace about what she was doing (Charlie was looking for the last decapitated doll.) was unbelievable.

How did Mrs. Wallace know that Charlie was daydreaming about a future with Beth?

How convenient that Charlie heard Beth say that she didn't want to kill Sheridan, but she never hears her talk about Luis.

Beth said that Luis was smart.  If he can't figure out that Beth is trying to kill Sheridan, he is not that smart.

Beth said that Charlie isn't that nuts.  Yeah right.  Did she forget that the woman decapitated dolls.

Why would Sheridan leave the cottage when she knows that someone is trying to kill her?

If Sheridan couldn't have gone far from the cottage, why couldn't Antonio look for her himself?  If he couldn't find her, then he could have called Luis.

Whitney lip-synced badly.  She was so obviously not singing today.

Why didn't Eve know where she was when she got to the Blue Note?  You would think that there would have been a sign outside.

It could be us, but Whitney does not sound like Eve.


Why would Hank assume that Sheridan would be at Beth's house?  He's the one that assumed that Beth wouldn't help her.

For someone who's worried about Sheridan, Luis certainly wasn't rushing to go look for her.  He was too busy talking to Beth and threatening whoever is trying to kill Sheridan.

We are so sick of Liz throwing up in Eve's face that Whitney went to her with her problems.

Sheridan is such a wimp.  When she saw Charlie trying to stab her, all she did was stand there and scream.  She could have fought her off or ran away.

The bartender told Fox that he was in love with Chad.  There is always someone around to tell people that.  Fox didn't have to be in love with Whitney.  He could have just liked the song.

Eve is no better than TC.  She is under the impression that Chad would get Whitney hooked to drugs.

Eve didn't have to embarrass Whitney while she was singing.  She could have talked to Whitney when she was finished singing.

Sheridan didn't even try to fight off Charlie.  She just let her put the letter opener to her throat.

How convenient that Julian saved Eve from having to answer Whitney's question about her being at the Blue Note.


Where was Theresa when Sheridan left the cottage?  She is always disappearing.

Antonio is getting worse by the second.  Luis screamed that he was going to make the person pay that tried to kill Sheridan.  He didn't even ask Luis why he cares so much.

Eve is just like her mother.  She probably didn't like it when her mother yanked her off of the stage while she was singing, yet she had no problem doing that to Whitney.

Sheridan's description of Charlie could have described anybody in Harmony.

Liz was talking into her phone when she mentioned her sister, yet TC didn't hear it.

Why didn't TC notice that Eve wasn't in the bed with him?

Did we miss something?  The last time Ethan and Gwen were shown, Gwen seemed mad at Ethan for deciding to help Theresa.

Eve got mad at Julian when he was trying to help her. She acted as if she didn't ask him for help.

Ethan didn't have to go outside to find out what was wrong with Theresa.

Eve said that she didn't blame Julian for the way her life used to be, but the first chance she got, she blamed him.

TC knew that Liz brought Whitney to the club, yet he blamed Chad for it.

TC couldn't wait to fight Chad again.


Theresa only goes to God when her world comes to an end.

Sheridan seemed kind of nasty to Beth when she said that she was worried about her.

Luis is a good cop?  Don't make us laugh, Beth kept looking to her side at Charlie and he didn't even notice it. For that matter, neither did anyone else.

Gwen knew already that Ethan was going to help Theresa so she was getting mad at him for nothing.

How is Theresa going to hire another lawyer when she doesn't have a job?

Theresa told Gwen that Ethan helped deliver her baby as if she didn't help deliver it with him.

Why would Beth care about leaving the Book Cafe?  She is barely at the cafe.  We don't even remember the last time she was there.

Sheridan must be deaf. She should have heard all of the noise that Beth, Mrs. Wallace, and Charlie were making.

We are so sick of Liz.  We hope that her plan doesn't work, but we know that it will.

Theresa must have forgotten that Ethan was raised by Julian.  She kept saying that Julian would be a terrible influence on her son.  She must think that Ethan is a bad person.

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