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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #59

4/14 - 4/18/03


It was pointless for Kay to take the potion because she doesn't know how to use it.

How did Julian know about TC's shed?  His shed must be common knowledge.

TC couldn't wait to push his luck with Chad.

Jessica and Reese should be suspicious of Simone?  She knew that they were trying to get Miguel and Charity together so why would she bring her there.

Liz is so pathetic.  She has to steal a man that doesn't want her because she can't get one of her own.

Miguel couldn't have been more obvious that he didn't want Kay to be at the movies.  You would think that Kay would take the hint.

Why is Rebecca suddenly noticing how Julian is in love with another woman?

Liz would be sick if TC didn't go to her.  She is just under this impression that TC has to be in love with her.

How did Liz know where TC hid the key to the shed?

Kay needs to tell Simone off.  She always rubs Kay's face in the fact that Miguel loves Charity.  Kay needs to do the same thing to her about Chad and Whitney.

How come Rebecca noticed Tabitha showing?  She wasn't showing before and it is the same night.


We didn't need to see the flashback of Tabitha making her potion.

Chad must be a quick healer.  The scar that is on his head is almost gone and it's the same night that he got the scar.

Luis didn't think to investigate the arsonists in Harmony.

Why didn't Luis tell Hank about the baby when he saw him at the nursery?

Why didn't Charlie hear what Beth and Mrs. Wallace were saying?

If Theresa was asleep, why isn't she on the couch? She was supposed to be sleeping on the couch, but she wasn't on it when Sheridan and Tabitha sat down.

All Whitney is doing is making excuses not to go to LA with Chad.


Kay forget that she already admitted that she lied about Tabitha being a witch.  Her threat is pointless.  What makes her think that anybody will believe her.

Why wouldn't Luis figure out that Beth is trying to kill Sheridan?  Everything that has happened to her has happened after Mrs. Wallace accused Beth of trying to kill Sheridan.

Mrs. Wallace shouldn't be screaming so loudly about Beth trying to kill Sheridan because Beth will probably hear her.

Why would Mrs. Wallace make up the fact that Beth is trying to kill Sheridan

If Theresa was in the cottage, where was she?  Sheridan was asleep on the couch so she couldn't have been sleeping there.

Luis makes it so easy for Beth to lie to him.

Why would Mrs. Wallace just sit there and let Beth lie about her being crazy?


It doesn't matter if Mrs. Wallace tells Luis about Beth's plan.  He didn't believe her when she told him before.

How many times is Mrs. Wallace going to say that she's telling Luis about Beth's plan?

Why didn't Antonio wake up when Sheridan was yelling, but he woke up when she got in the bed?

We were so sick of seeing the scenes of Sheridan's dream.  She proves how weak she is even in a dream.

Mrs. Wallace needs to stop worrying about Sheridan so much.  She needs to worry more about herself.

Selective hearing alert: Mrs. Wallace was screaming about Beth killing Sheridan, yet Luis and Hank didn't hear her.

When did little Ethan's crib get into the living room at the cottage?  It wasn't in there before.


How long is Sheridan going to have her dream?  It is getting annoying.

Gwen was more than just a little concerned with Ethan helping Theresa.  Did she forget that she was ready to leave him.

If Charity was so cold, why didn't she wear a bigger coat?

Why didn't Sheridan and Antonio hear Theresa yelling, but Ethan and Gwen did?

Luis doesn't want Antonio to raise his baby, but he can raise Antonio's baby.

Of course, Luis and Hank would have been gone when Charlie finally got into the kitchen.

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