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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #58

3/31 - 4/4/03


Passions wasn't even on for one minute and there were already three flashbacks.

When did Whitney have time to get a new hairstyle?  When she went to the recording studio, her hair didn't look like that.

If Whitney didn't sneak over to the recording studio, she wouldn't have been caught with Chad.

Why did Simone flashback to something that just happened?

How did TC know that the recording studio was on the second floor?

Why are Liz and Whitney just standing around watching TC beat up Chad?  They could have pulled TC off of Chad.

Simone screamed that Kay made the call to her father and nobody heard her.

Theresa still won't let Julian near the baby.  She wonders why he wants to take him away from her.

Of course there would have been some way for Theresa to get her way once again.

Why is Sam just now getting a call about the explosion?  Also, why wasn't Luis called about it.


TC pushed Whitney to choose between him and Chad.

It didn't even dawn on Theresa that Antonio is out of the hospital.  The last time she saw him, he wasn't even out of his coma.

Antonio proves everyday that he is not too quick on the uptake.  Julian all but exposed Sheridan's secret and he didn't even question her about it.  He just supplied his own answer as usual.

How did the police station know to call Luis at the Crane mansion?  Why wouldn't they have tried his cell phone?

We're getting sick of Simone saying that this is all Whitney's fault.  She played a hand in that too.  If she wasn't scheming with Kay to get Whitney busted, that wouldn't have happened.

Beth is talking to statues now.  When will she be locked up?

Julian needs to kick Ethan out of the mansion next.  He keeps getting smart with him as if Julian couldn't throw him out.

Whitney has finally stood up to TC but she won't do it for Simone.


Who ever feels as if someone walks over their grave?  Who talks like that?

Sheridan has no problem hurting Luis, but she can't do that to Antonio.

Whitney couldn't wait to yell at Chad.  She was the one who chose Chad over her family and now she's yelling at him.  Chad didn't make her choose him.

We didn't miss Precious.  She could have stayed gone.

Of course, Antonio never hears a complete conversation.  It's always only part of it.

Eve leaving Liz has nothing to do with what's happening with her family.


TC is making it too easy for Liz to get her way with him.

It's okay for TC to blame Eve for their problems but it was wrong for her to blame him.  What a hypocrite.

We're getting sick of hearing TC call Chad a street punk.  He grew up on the streets too in case he forgot.

Why did Sam have to tell Ivy about Theresa?  It was none of her business.

The night before, Sam was talking to Grace about making their marriage work and now he's talking about how their marriage is in trouble.

Why would David tell Ivy about leaving Harmony?  He could have left and never said anything about it.


Since when does Whitney go to college?  If she's in college, she should be expelled.  She never goes to class.

Liz and Eve had flashbacks about something that just happened 

Who didn't know that Eve was going to get in a car accident?  This plot is getting old.

Why is Liz so obsessed with finding out what's in TC's shed?  It's none of her business.

Eve was getting smart with Julian as if she didn't hit his car.  She's lucky he didn't sue her.

If TC wanted to apologize to Eve, he could have called her.  That sounded good at the time.

If was supposed to be crying about what happened, maybe she should have had some tears in her eyes.  All she was doing was moaning.

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