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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #57

3/24 - 3/28/03


Who let Kay into the Russell's house?  TC's outside, Eve's in the kitchen and Whitney and Simone are upstairs.  That's right. Nobody in Harmony locks doors.

We are getting so tired of Julian dragging out the truth. 

Why couldn't the nurse let Sheridan tell Pilar and Miguel that she was pregnant?  It was her news to share not the nurse's news.

It's time for Eve to throw Liz out of her house.  She doesn't have to listen to Liz's endless complaints about her.

TC made a big deal over a gutter?  He was really yelling about that and it was for nothing.  He made it seem as if it was a big deal.

Some friend Simone is.  Kay was there for her and she couldn't wait to throw up how she doesn't have Miguel in her face.

Theresa seems to forget that Julian didn't force the alcohol down her throat in Bermuda.  She got herself drunk.

Antonio should know he is not the father of Sheridan's baby.  When was the last time he has even touched her?

The stunt doubles for TC and Chad when they were fighting were so obvious.


How many times is Liz going to tell Eve about her family falling apart?

What was the point of the "Divorce Court" fantasy?  It accomplished nothing.

In our opinion, Judge Ephriam did a bad job playing herself.

If Pilar and Miguel heard Luis say "Who is the father.." why didn't Sheridan and Antonio?  That's right they have selective hearing.

Sheridan shouldn't be so happy about her baby.  Her problems aren't over.  They are just beginning.

Miguel and Antonio must have forgotten that Miguel is having a baby too.  Sheridan's baby won't be little Ethan's only cousin.

Why did we need to see the flashbacks of Eve's past again?  They were painful the first time around.

The only thing the court scenes did was make their acting look worse.

Antonio is really driving the point home to Luis that Sheridan is pregnant.


Why doesn't Luis see Beth?  She wasn't that far away.  Oh right, selective vision.

Why didn't it occur to Sheridan or Beth that Luis could have been the father of Sheridan's baby?

Simone was really acting like a baby when she saw TC beating Chad up.

Why would Theresa think that Alistair would help her?  He didn't seem happy about her not being a Crane.

How convenient for Sheridan that she slept with Antonio.

Antonio shouldn't have been the one who mentioned Miguel's baby.  He should have done that himself.

Leave it to Simone to put all of the blame on Whitney.

Of course TC was going to blame Eve for what's happened.  He didn't know about Whitney and Chad either.  Guess he doesn't have a good relationship with her either.

Whitney didn't have to just sit and let TC blame Eve for what happened between Whitney/Chad/Simone.


What did Ethan and Fox think they were going to accomplish by blocking the door?  The guards could have easily pushed them out of the way.

Now that TC has gotten his way for now, he remembers that he loves Eve.

Theresa must have forgotten that she is the one that tried to keep Julian away from the baby.  She told him that he never showed any interest in the baby.  Guess not if she was  going to keep him away from Julian.

The last time we checked, Theresa was not always with little Ethan. Phyllis is with him more than she was.

It has only been one night and a day since the fire so how were Crane maintenance working night and day to fix the cottage. 

If Luis wanted to tell Antonio the truth, he didn't have to tell him that it could wait.

Who didn't know that Eve would have to go to the hospital?

Watching Antonio and Sheridan together is such a stab in the heart for Sheridan and Luis fans.


We are getting sick of Sheridan trying to get out of telling Antonio the truth.

It didn't take long for TC to think of himself.

What kind of man would let another woman (Liz) bad mouth his wife?  TC proves how much of a jerk he is.

Why didn't Theresa know that she hit Ethan?  She looked right at him and she couldn't tell who he was.  He wasn't dressed any differently.

We are already getting tired of the Lopez-Fitzgerald's making it seem as if Julian didn't care about little Ethan.  Theresa was the one keeping him away from Julian.

Theresa is so self-centered.  She expected Ethan to lose his job to protect her and little Ethan.

Theresa must expect Ethan to care about her baby and forget about his own baby.

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