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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #55

3/10 - 3/14/03


Eve could have taken the racket out of Simone's hands if she wanted her to stop destroying Whitney's room. TC knew to take the racket out of her hands.

Why didn't anyone notice the way Beth is dressed? None of the other nurses are dressed like that.

When is Whitney going to hit Simone back? She shouldn't let Simone hit her.

TC doesn't care that Simone got "hurt" by Whitney. All he cares about is her ruining her tennis career.

Why didn't the cop know that Sheridan left her room?

We were tired of Simone instigating when TC was talking to Whitney.

Simone shouldn't have been surprised that TC was ready to kill Chad. She should have known he would have gotten violent when he found out what happen. This is always his solution to a problem.

Why does Eve let TC talk to her the way he does?

Simone slipped up: how would she have known that Chad and Whitney were together the night before Whitney's tennis match unless she knew about their affair.

We wish that they would hurry up and reveal the dirt on Theresa. We are sick of the way that Julian and Rebecca are building it up.

What happened to Sheridan's limp?


We are sick of Liz instigating to Eve. Eve needs to slap her.

Sheridan should have gotten something to hit her attacker with. Instead she just sat there screaming.

If Grace didn't want to talk about Ivy, why would she put her on her list of things to talk about.

How many times does Sam have to tell Grace that he loves only her?

Simone sounded just like Kay when she yelled at her family.

Ivy told Sam that she didn't want to get addicted to her pills. It is too late for that.

Whitney was no better than Simone. She could have let TC know that it wasn't just Chad's fault that they are together.

How did David know which room Ivy was in?


Grace is such a hypocrite. We are so tired of her.

Sam always puts Ivy in a position where she can lie to him.

Sheridan should know that Sister Caruso wasn't the one that chased her. Beth is not the same size as the nun.

Some cop Luis is. He didn't even think to look behind the door of the room that he checked. He should have been able to see Beth through the crack of the door.

Did we miss something? We thought that Beth was chasing Sheridan. When was she chasing Beth?


Since Theresa was under the impression that someone could be after the Cranes (when Sheridan's cottage burned down), you would think that they would lock the doors.

TC is obviously delusional like his daughter. He acted as if nothing happened last night Harmony time.

Too bad Sheridan and Luis can only tell Antonio the truth in a dream. We are so sick of this. You can always tell when it's going to be a dream.

It's so obvious that Sheridan doesn't want to be with Luis. She will come up with anything to get out of telling the truth.

Theresa had a lot of nerve blaming Julian for why she got drunk and married him. He didn't force her to drink.

Ethan is such a light switch when it comes to Theresa. One minute he yells at her and the next, he's singing her praises.

Who was TC to say that Whitney is over Chad? Here's a message to TC: There's more to life than tennis.


If Theresa loves Ethan, why would she throw up in his face how she's married to Julian?

When did Beth have time to get Precious?

It's so obvious that Pilar only cares about Antonio. She didn't even care that Luis was in a fire.

Sheridan and Luis didn't have to wait to tell Antonio the truth. They could have told him and then let Pilar comfort him afterwards. Why humiliate him in front of extra people, even if it is just Pilar and Miguel?

We figured out Fox's purpose on the show. He's there to support everything Theresa does. Where are your pompoms Fox?

If Theresa wants little Ethan to have everything she didn't have, then why won't she let him have a father?

Why does everyone always have to tell a story before they tell the truth? too bad the person listening can't just tell them to spit it out.

Sheridan had a lot of nerve letting Luis attempt to tell Antonio the truth. It's her secret too.

TC doesn't know who to blame for the Whitney/Chad mess. It's everybody's fault but his own.

No matter how Beth builds up Precious, the story is stupid.

It didn't take long for Theresa to forget that she was moving on from Ethan.

Theresa told Ethan that she never imagined that she had anything in common with Ivy. Didn't she tell Ivy that they were alike?

You can bet money on the things that Antonio claims he knows. Whenever he says that he knows what's going on, it's a safe bet that he's way off. Now will be no different.

TC should be used to Eve's work schedule by now. They have been married for over 20 years. Guess he doesn't think that she's so perfect anymore.

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