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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #54

3/3 - 3/7/03


We did not need to see the flashback of Whitney breaking up with Chad. We think we got it when he said that she wanted to take a break.

Theresa will keep spending up Julian's money until there's nothing left.

With all of the noise that Beth was making, why didn't Luis and Sheridan hear her?

Why wouldn't Sheridan or Luis think to call for help? Would they rather watch the cottage burn?

Why would Sam ask Ivy if she's coming between him and Grace? She wasn't going to admit it.

Why didn't Chad mention the new job offer before Whitney broke up with him?

How many times is Beth going to say that no one will have Luis?

Tom Joyner's first appearance was a waste because he didn't do much in the episode.


We did not miss hearing Eve's song.

How did Theresa and Ethan know that Luis and Sheridan were in the cottage? They were gone before Antonio even came out of his coma and asked Luis to take Sheridan to the cottage.

If there's a lot of smoke in the cottage, why didn't Luis cover his mouth?

How many times is Ivy going to mention that Grace is married to David?

Instead of standing there watching the fire, Theresa and Gwen could have grabbed hoses and helped put out the fire.

Beth was so obviously lying, there is no reason why they should have believed her. Theresa caught her in a lie and they still believed her.

Why doesn't Luis need to see a doctor? Luis inhaled the same amount of smoke that Sheridan did.

How did Hank hear about the fire on the police scanner? No one was there to report the fire.


Eve should have hung up on TC when he yelled at her.

Rebecca is a little too desperate to get Theresa out of the mansion.

Eve blamed Sheridan and Antonio for why she isn't home like she couldn't find another doctor to check on them.

Whitney said that life was too short to lose Chad when she was trapped in the elevator. She didn't tell Simone the truth then so why would Chad believe her now?

Why does TC feel close to someone he barely knows? He acts as if Liz is his new best friend.

We're sick of Fox calling Ethan his half-brother.


Liz and Tom's kiss was so fake.

We didn't need Tabitha's commentary about Chad/Whitney/Simone's story.

It didn't occur to Simone that Tabitha knew where Chad was.

When did Whitney go to college? She hasn't mentioned going to college.

Guess if Simone knocked on Chad's door, she wouldn't be the one that was surprised.

The nurse that told Antonio about Sheridan being in the lab needs to be fired. She keeps messing up with the patients.

Big surprise Simone was going to blame Whitney for being with Chad. Unless we're mistaken, Chad was a willing participant.

The background music that was playing while Chad/Whitney/Simone were talking, drowned out the scene.


It was so convenient that no one saw what Beth was doing at the hospital.

Liz is so pathetic. She needs to find a man who wants her.

How would TC know what Whitney's love is?

What makes Kay an expert on how old you can be to have sex? She's only had sex once. She is no expert.

Of course Simone was going to keep blaming Whitney for why she doesn't have Chad.

None of the other nurses at Harmony Hospital wear white uniforms, so Beth is practically giving herself away.

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