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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #53

2/24 - 2/28/03


Why is Hank shoving Beth down Luis' throat again? Not too long ago he was telling him to fight for Sheridan.

Why did Theresa think that Ivy would have told the truth? She's not exactly her biggest fan.

Who is Hank to tell Luis about not having a wife and family? The last time we checked Hank didn't have a wife and family either.

We are so sick of Mildred. The writers need to get rid of her.

Big surprise Sheridan didn't believe what Mrs. Wallace told her.

Grace is so obvious. We know the only reason Grace believes Theresa is because she's accused of killing Ivy.

It's so obvious that Eve has no intention of telling TC the truth. If she wanted to tell, she could have said it.

Grace thought that Sam shouldn't arrest Theresa because he's known her all her life.


Simone really needs to get over Chad. He doesn't want her so it's time to move on.

Selective hearing alert: Simone was able to hear in Whitney's room, but Chad and Whitney couldn't hear her.

TC is dumber than we thought. When Eve told Liz that "Dad would never hurt do that" he should have known why. Plus, Ivy's explanation for why Eve called Liz's father "dad" was not even believable.

Chad had a lot of nerve telling Whitney that she needs to tell Simone the truth. He needs to do it too.

Selective vision alert: Nobody saw Beth nodding her head when the doctor was telling them about Antonio.

Sheridan could have told Luis that Beth told her to leave town.


Who didn't know that TC wouldn't forgive Liz's sister now that he knows the truth about Liz's past. This was just another way to keep Eve from telling the truth.

Would Grace be so concerned for Theresa if Sam didn't accuse her of attempting to kill Ivy? The same thing with Sam. He didn't care this much about Julian's attempted murder.

It's amazing that Whitney can find Theresa no matter where she is.

Eve should have stood her ground and told TC the truth. She was making a big deal about telling him the truth and letting the chips fall where they may. Now she owes Ivy big time.

If Liz thought it was too draining to reveal her past, she shouldn't have done it.

Luis and Sheridan should have a feeling that Antonio possibly knows about them. Luis knows that he didn't tell Antonio about his love for Beth. Sheridan knows that she didn't say that she loved Antonio.

Nitpick alert: Theresa said that she threw Ivy out of the mansion a few nights ago, yet Grace said that Ivy was in their house for one night.

Liz said that TC is too good of a catch. There's a laugh. We should all have a husband that is so blind to the truth.


How did Miguel know that Antonio came out of his coma? He was nowhere to be found when he came out of the coma.

Why didn't anyone tell Eve that Antonio is out of his coma? They called her all of the time when he was still in his coma.

Miguel needs to stop begging Charity to take him back.

How convenient that Kay found a witchcraft book for dummies.

Actual dialogue from TC: "what's Theresa doing in handcuffs?" Why does he think that she would be in handcuffs?

Eve should have blackmailed Ivy sooner and she wouldn't have had to betray Grace.


Rebecca has been saying for the longest time that they mystery man will come through and it hasn't happened yet.

You would think that Kay would give up on Miguel. How many times does he have to say that she's a mistake.

If Mrs. Wallace wanted to warn Sheridan and Luis that Beth was going to kill them, she shouldn't have said anything in front of her.

If Theresa is so concerned for little Ethan, why does she always give him to Phyllis?

Theresa acts as if the Crane money is hers.

Kay would be sick if she loses her baby for real.

When did Ethan have a change of heart about Theresa? He was just yelling at her at the Bennett house.

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