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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #52

2/17 - 2/21/03


When did Liz become an expert on the divorce rate of doctors?

Here's a big surprise, Luis went back to Beth after saying that he didn't want to be with her.

TC didn't need Liz's opinion on what to think about catching David and Eve together. You would think that he had a mind of his own.

Beth has not shown any signs of being supportive of Luis being in love with Sheridan. The only thing she does is take him back when Sheridan dumps him.

Theresa just knew that her plan was going to work. Guess she should have planned for the worst.

Beth is so delusional if she thinks that she can get Luis to forget about Sheridan. All he does is talk about Sheridan.


Eve didn't have to give a play by play of her past. She could have just told TC the truth.

Theresa should have known that Ivy was trying to set her up. Why else would she make her repeat herself wen she said that she would get rid of her for good.

If TC can't figure out who Eve is talking about, he is worse than we thought.

We may be off about this, but TC has to be the stupidest man alive. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who Liz's sister is.

How convenient that Eve got interrupted when she was telling TC the truth.

Eve was able to tell Julian that she's Liz's sister, but she had to give TC her life story.


Why did Sam have to make it his personal mission to save Ivy? When the paramedics couldn't save her, what did he think he was going to do?

Eve could have told TC her life story after she said who Liz's sister is.

The nurse had convenient timing when she walked in on Beth.

Once again, TC proved that people have to draw a picture for him to get what's going on.


Who cares if Liz wouldn't forgive her sister? If TC wanted to forgive the sister, it's none of her business.

Eve really knows how to drag out the truth.

If Sheridan was cold, she should have worn a heavier coat.

David practically yelled to Eve to tell TC the truth and of course he didn't hear it.

Why aren't the paramedics trying to save Ivy the way Ethan and Sam are? It's their job and they are not doing anything.

Sheridan should have known that Beth was lying to her. If Luis was happy about Sheridan setting him free, he would not have tried to stay with her.


Why is Grace suddenly so worried about not having a place in Sam's heart? She was willing to fight for him before.

Why didn't anyone call Eve and tell her that Ivy wasn't dead?

Thank goodness Mrs. Wallace was around to tell us that Beth was going to kill Sheridan. Otherwise we might not have figured that out.

Sam questioned Theresa for attempting to murder Ivy, yet he hasn't investigated Julian's attempted murder.

If Liz is going to get revenge on Eve, we wish that she would hurry up. We are sick of her saying that she wants to get revenge on her.

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