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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #51

2/10 - 2/14/03


There were a lot of flashbacks before the introduction.

If John wanted to know what Kay was going to say, then he should have let her talk.

Why didn't anyone hear Beth talking? She was only standing behind a curtain.

Stupid line: Liz: "I was sleepwalking in my nightgown." Of course she would have had her nightgown on if she was asleep.

How did Liz know which phone line was for the hospital? We don't remember Eve telling her that.

How many times are they going to mention that the drug for Antonio was experimental?

Why is everyone acting as if they didn't know that Antonio might have wound up in a vegetative state? Eve told them repeatedly that the drug was experimental and it could leave him that way if it didn't work.


Pilar couldn't wait to rub Luis's face in the fact that Sheridan is with Antonio.

How many times is Fox going to remind Theresa that she threw Ivy out of the house?

Since Antonio was going to die anyway, he would have missed out on being a brother, son, father, and husband anyway. So Pilar mentioned that for nothing.

If Theresa wasn't staying up so late drinking, maybe she would have been prepared for the meeting.

Pilar's heart cried for Antonio. There's a big surprise.

Ivy couldn't stay a the Bed and Breakfast but Grace has no problem with David staying there.

Why is Beth still wearing the same outfit? It's actually a new day and everyone has changed their clothes except for her.


It's too late for Pilar to regret forcing Sheridan to give Antonio the drug.

What makes Grace so sure that David is not trying to break up her marriage? He never did deny helping her.

If Grace wants her marriage to work, she should stop acting so jealous of Ivy. We know that Ivy is after Sam, but she doesn't know that for a fact. She is practically pushing him to her.

Sheridan is just using any excuse that she can come up with to keep from being with Luis.

Ivy is really losing credibility while defending herself. She is doing exactly what Theresa has done, except Ivy has done worse.

Just because Ivy wasn't a good mother to Fox or his sisters, that doesn't mean that Theresa should get Ethan back.

Sheridan is acting like a light switch. She doesn't want to lose Luis, but she won't try to be with him.


Beth proves everyday how pathetic she is. She keeps hearing Luis say he loves Sheridan and yet she still thinks that she has a chance with him.

Isn't it ironic that Luis can tell Antonio the truth now that he's in a vegetative state.

Why would Sheridan listen to Beth about Luis? Beth is so obvious that she wants Luis for herself.


Sheridan would deserve it if Luis did go to someone else.

Sheridan may want Luis to have a life but she doesn't have to be so mean to him about it.

Liz was talking to Antonio one minute and then she was eavesdropping on Eve and TC the next.

Why does Sheridan want Luis to be with someone that doesn't make him happy?

Theresa should have been at the hospital with her brother instead of plotting against Ivy.

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