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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #50

2/3 - 2/7/03


Tabitha didn't need to remind us of all the pain that's going on in Harmony. We are reminded of it everyday.

Why wouldn't Eve put a Band-Aid on Kay's forehead? There's no way that she didn't see the blood on her head. Everyone that gets a little bit of blood on their head gets the obligatory Band-Aid on the head.

How many pills is Ivy going to take? We can't even count how many pills she took in this one night.

Who did John think he was saying that he was not leaving Tabitha's house? He's not home.

Luis needs to stop leading Beth on. He should know that she wants more than a friendship with him.

If Kay everybody to believe her, she shouldn't have told them about Tabitha. She didn't have any proof that she's a witch so she shouldn't have told them yet.


Whitney was being too bold sneaking downstairs to be with Chad. No wonder Simone saw them together.

TC fell for Liz's plan and he wasn't even drugged.

If Julian and Rebecca didn't want anyone to see them, then they should have been in his room.

When is this night going to end? It's lasted for weeks.

Why didn't Rebecca see how Fox left the living room door open at the Crane mansion? He didn't have the door cracked. He had it open wide enough for her to see it.

The last time we checked, Ethan was not the reason why Theresa went to Bermuda. She did that on her own.

TC will believe will anything. Liz was obviously lying to him and he believed it.

Gwen needs to stop listening to Rebecca. She should know by now that her plans never work.


Since Kay didn't have anywhere else to go, she shouldn't turn down an offer to go back home.

It's time for Eve to either tell the truth or just throw Liz out of her house. She shouldn't keep letting her talk to her the way she does.

Of course, Gwen and Ethan weren't going to leave the mansion. Who didn't see this coming?

Once again, nobody saw David and Ivy talking to each other.

If Eve wanted to slap Liz, maybe her hand should have come a little closer to her face.

The story that Liz told the Russell's about her sister was the same story she told them before.

Who is TC to chase anyone out of Harmony? He should have been more concern with making sure Eve believed his story about Liz.


We are getting so tired of seeing the flashbacks of Mrs. Wallace having a heart attack. Note to writers: We didn't forget.

Why are Luis and Sheridan still having the same conversation?

Of course it was hard for Grace to believe that David would be responsible for breaking her and Sam up. If she only knew.

What kind of website would have a way to detect a witch?

Now that Sheridan has given Antonio the drug, Pilar doesn't think that she is to blame for Antonio's health.


Grace was making too big of a deal about seeing Sam with Ivy. She knows that it was innocent.

If David and Ivy don't want the Bennett's to find out what they're doing, maybe they should stop talking about the plan in their house.

We are getting sick of Sheridan blaming herself for what happened to Antonio.

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