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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #49

1/27 - 1/31/03


How did Sam know that the blood on Kay's scarf was hers? It could have been anyone's blood.

How many times do we have to be reminded that Ivy was a bad mother to Fox?

Kay would have been sick if Tabitha put a spell on her. She was not in the position to push her luck.

Pilar told Beth that she's Antonio's mother like she was too stupid to know that already.

Luis must have forgotten how he was raised in a church. He said that was why he couldn't be with Sheridan while she was married to Antonio.


Ivy proves how heartless she is. All she cares about is getting Sam. David is no better because he helps her.

The writers are wasting Julian. They need to give him a better story.

Sheridan obviously took to long to make her decision because Theresa/Ethan/Gwen/Fox managed to get the hospital before she made her decision.

Pilar would have known Sheridan's answer sooner if she didn't cut her off.

Pilar certainly knows how to pour on the guilt. She was going to disown Sheridan and Luis if she didn't give him the drug. That's rich of her because Luis was the one who stayed to help her take care of the family and this is the thanks he gets.

Why can't Sheridan use the Crane money to help Antonio but Theresa can?


We didn't need Eve to remind us what could happen to Antonio if Sheridan gives him the drug.

How convenient that nobody saw Beth rough up Mrs. Wallace.

If Ethan is over Theresa, he needs to stop leading her own.

If Sheridan was cold when she went outside, she should have worn her coat.

How many times are they going to drive the point home that Sheridan and Luis will never be together if the drug didn't cure Antonio?


Why would Grace believe David and Ivy over Kay?

Miguel is so selfish. Antonio's the one possibly dying and all he cares about is himself and the couples who are not together.

Now that Kay is all right, it didn't take long for Grace to quickly turn on her.


It's too late for Eve to be worried about what's going to happen to her now. She shouldn't have helped Ivy in the first place.

Why is Tabitha letting the Bennett's, Eve, David, John, and Ivy stay in her house like they are home?

It certainly didn't take long for Grace to convince herself that Kay was lying.

We are getting sick of Tabitha having the same conversation with her friends in the basement.

How long is Liz going to keep having this fantasy about Eve?

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