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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #48

1/20 - 1/24/03


Simone is so obvious that she knows about Whitney and Chad.

Why wouldn't Pilar tell Theresa about Antonio? Didn't she have a right to know about him?

Kay didn't have to give Grace such a hard time when she was apologizing to her.

Theresa was being too smug about throwing Ivy out of the house.

Guess Simone is going to keep bringing up Kay and Jessica's argument to Whitney. Whitney would have to be really stupid if she thinks that Simone doesn't know about her and Chad.

When did Antonio have time to make the tape for his family?

Sam should have asked Grace if Ivy can stay with them.


If Grace wanted Kay to be safe, she shouldn't have kept her from going to the Russell's' house.

David always knows when to show up at the Bennett house.

Once again we are sick of Charity blaming herself for everything that goes wrong.

Sheridan and the Lopez-Fitzgerald's are acting as if Antonio wasn't dying already.

If Grace cared about looking for Kay, she would have went back outside and looked for her. She should have been dry enough to go back outside. Her face was the only thing that got wet.


Why is Theresa still acting as if Julian is not the owner of the house?

Gwen can't wait to rub it in that Theresa threw Ivy out of the house.

How many times does Grace have to throw up in Sam's face that he wasn't there when Kay left?

Why does Grace keep calling Ivy Sam's girlfriend? She knows why he brought her to the house.

If Theresa thought what she did to Ivy was right, why would she need to justify her actions?


Why would Grace and Jessica care if Kay died? They didn't care about her before she left the house.

If Theresa felt sorry for Grace, she shouldn't have thrown Ivy out of the house.

Grace had a lot of nerve blaming Sam for Kay's "death." Kay blamed her for why she left the house.

Sam shouldn't forgive Grace's apology. She wouldn't have been sorry if Kay were dead.

Grace won't have to worry about Ivy stealing Sam. She will drive him away herself.


Theresa is turning into a baby Julian with the way she keeps drinking.

Why would anyone call Hank to the hospital and not Theresa?

Miguel has been so useless for the past couple of days. All he's doing is following Pilar around and telling Sheridan to give Antonio the drug.

Fox and Theresa have been having the same conversation for the past couple of days.

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