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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #46



Why is it okay that Sheridan marry Antonio, but she can't marry Luis?

TC is too obsessed over Liz's sister. It seems as if he mentions her almost every week.

Tabitha was wasted in this episode? All she did was talk about being pregnant.


We did not need to see/hear their resolutions again.

Why didn't anyone notice the way Beth was grabbing on Mrs. Wallace's arm?

Why would Gwen assume that Mrs. Wallace was dead when all she did was faint?

Ivy can open up her own pharmacy with all of the pills she takes.

Luis shouldn't have been able to use his cell phone in the hospital.


How convenient was it that Whitney spotted Simone watching her and Chad in the limo.

If Sheridan didn't want to marry Antonio, she could have made him wait.

Instead of talking to Hank being with Sheridan, he could go and stop the wedding.

Whitney did not have enough time to get out of the limo without Simone seeing her.

Miguel couldn't be more obvious that he doesn't want Kay.

Will would Beth want to be with Luis? He is always willing to break up with her.


It shouldn't have been so easy for Beth to pull the plug on Mrs. Wallace.

Why would Eve leave the needle in Mrs. Wallace's room if it could have killed her?

It was so obvious that Luis was going to be too late to stop the wedding.

Fox would have to have something wrong with him if doesn't know what Theresa is doing.

Theresa will use any excuse to bring up her situation with Ethan. Luis was the one hurting and she mentioned Ethan.

Grace acted as if she would have rather been shot instead of dancing with Sam.


If Eve wanted Antonio to go to the hospital, she shouldn't have left the decision up to him.

Surprise! Surprise! Luis caught Sheridan's garter.

Ethan didn't have to dance with Theresa if he didn't want to.

How convenient that TC is complaining about spending time with Eve. He didn't have this problem before Liz came to Harmony.

Grace is being obvious once again that she will always think the worst of Kay. Grace doesn't know that Kay fixed the computer so she could dance with Miguel, yet she assumed that she did.

When did Sheridan get a haircut?

The book that had Antonio's and Luis's reservations only said Mr. and Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald. The guy at the hotel shouldn't have known their names.

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