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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #45

12/30 - 1/03/03


How did Tabitha get all of the pregnancy tests that she used?

If Charity want to be with Miguel, than she should forgive him.

Kay went out of her way to say that Miguel was innocent, then she blamed him for why she's pregnant.

Sheridan would have been sick if Luis wasn't the one in the shower.

Kay is acting as if she didn't trick Miguel into sleeping with her.

How convenient that Beth was able to see in Luis's bedroom.

Charity needs to get out of the shirt she is wearing.

Charity is acting as if she would have forgiven Miguel if he told her the truth sooner. She would have reacted the same way.

If Luis loves Beth, why did he sleep with Sheridan?


How many times does Kay have to hear that Miguel loves Charity before she gets the message?

It's so rich of Simone to constantly tell Kay about coming between people who love each other. She's doing the same thing to Chad and Whitney.

Grace keeps bringing up how her and Sam have known Miguel all his life so they know that he would never take advantage of a girl. She forgot how she's known Kay all of her life and she can accuse her of bringing evil into Harmony.

Grace can keep throwing Ivy up in Sam's face, but she doesn't want to listen when Sam throws David up in her face.

Why does Ivy have to keep talking to David at the Bennett house?

How convenient that Grace had to go through the living room to go to Charity's room. She could have went to her room from the kitchen.

Charity did not have to tell Kay about Miguel coming over to the house. That way, Kay's plan wouldn't have worked.

Sheridan and Luis could have went to the judge's office together. It was such a plot device that they had to meet each other there. Who doesn't know what's going to wind up happening?

Nitpick: What happened to the cake that Grace was supposed to give to

Charity? She never went upstairs so she didn't give it to her.

Charity will be so sick if Miguel does go to Kay.

It could be us, but Grace looked more disappointed than Miguel when Charity said that they can never be together.


Luis could have called Sheridan and told her he was on his way.

Why is Ethan at Crane when he's supposed to work from home?

You would think that Mrs. Wallace would be careful what she says to Beth. Beth has already tried to kill her, so what's to stop her from doing it again.

Sheridan could have called Luis and confronted him about not showing up at the office.


We are so sick of what grace is doing to Kay.

Guess somebody better pinch Charity. It's not everyday that a person would defend the woman that slept with her fiancée.

Liz is so desperate. She needs to go back to St. Lisa's. She was only supposed to be in Harmony to help out with Antonio.

There is no way TC didn't know that Liz wasn't Eve. Liz is shorter than Eve, so he should have known who she was.

What is wrong with Sheridan? Why would she think that Beth wanted to be her friend?

It's hard to believe that Hank is one of the only people that makes any sense in the Shuis story.

The people in Harmony must not know the word divorce.

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