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Passions Article

Passions Highlight of the Week

By Clorinda

Week of 6/9 - 6/13/03

Another week has gone by and the Passions characters are still in the same night as last week. I think they may be trying to set a record this time. As I said in my last article, I think the record was set by Theresa's engagement party. That night lasted 3 weeks. Oh well....

Charlie got Sheridan out of the cottage and was going to kill her but then we see her drag Sheridan into the Wallace home. They left out how Charlie got Sheridan there. That's alright but then I have to ask why they let us see Charlie throw Sheridan into the pit. Sheridan is supposed to be pregnant remember? How could her and her baby survive being thrown down a hole that is too steep to climb out of? We heard her hit hard. Sheridan's health and pregnancy are already in jeopardy and then we see this. This whole scene should have been left out. We should not have seen how Sheridan got into the pit just as we did not see how she got out of the woods and into the Wallace home.

Whitney choose Chad over her family. TC coldly cut her out of his life. He and Eve are going to go toe to toe over this one. He is unjustly blaming Eve and Eve can't believe that he could just throw his daughter out. The match is lit. Liz is going to add the kerosene by telling TC about Eve's past with Julian. The worst part of this whole mess is watching Liz gloat. She is unbearable. The only thing that stopped me from fast forwarding the entire scene is that I saw Eve slap Liz not once, not twice but three times. Way to go Eve. Why just slap her??? Liz deserves a punch in the face. Actually many punches in the face. While Eve is at it...a few punches for TC too.

You all may not like me when I announce this week's highlight. It goes to Gwen and her abdominal pain. I want to see Gwen lose her baby and the hold she has over Ethan. I want to see something good happen to Theresa. If Gwen lost her baby, Theresa really has a chance with Ethan. She has no chance with Ethan if Gwen has his baby. Since the writers won't take my advice about having the baby turn out to be another man's (Like HANK'S) she will have to lose it in order for Ethan and Theresa get back together. I have no pity for Gwen. I only like her because she is not as stupid as the other characters. She knows Ethan was going to ask Theresa to marry him when she doubled over in pain and then found out she was pregnant. She knows in her heart that Ethan only married her because of the baby she is carrying. She also knows that she and her mother, Rebooba emailed Ethan's paternity to the tabloids and blamed Theresa. Gwen did a dirty deed and ruined Theresa's life when she sent that email, which helped to get Theresa in that horrible mess in Bermuda. It made Ivy unjustly hate Theresa and interrupt the double wedding which would have had Luis married to Sheridan long ago. Antonio would have no claim on Sheridan even when she got her memory back. We would not have to suffer through him calling her "The woman I love." ad nauseam.  When it comes right down to it...Gwen not only caused the characters a lot of pain but the viewers as well. She deserves to suffer! What goes around comes around Gwen.......

I'll see you in two weeks.......Clorinda

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