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Passions Article

Passions Highlight of the Week

By Clorinda

Week of 8/4 - 8/8/03

Hello...(Cough...cough...gag...gag....Excuse me.....................I just got done throwing up as I watched Liz and TC make out. This week brought Liz and TC out of hiding and we had to endure watching Liz work TC. She got him drunk on lemonade of all things. How totally stupid is this guy???  They shared a few hot kisses. We got to watch Liz's twisted smile as she got the satisfaction of getting TC right where she wants him. She did add fuel to the fire by innocently pointing out how Eve treats TC as a child, not a marriage partner. These two do belong together. After seeing them kiss, I want Eve to get with Julian in the worst way.

Charity gave of her selfless self and saved Miguel's baby girl from death. She gave him up to save the baby. Of course she did this because she is pure goodness and totally unselfish and so on and so on......Too bad she is one of the most boring and annoying characters on the show. I am glad that she did give Miguel up. The only time I can stand Charity is when she is miserable. Maybe Kay and Miguel can be left alone to raise their baby and Charity can go off with John.

I should  be cheering. Sheridan is out of the pit. Charlie told Beth that since Sheridan was bleeding so badly there was no hope of saving her or her baby. Charlie offered to try to save the baby. As she took Sheridan out of the pit, she bound her hands, gagged her and blindfolded her. She did not tie her feet. Big mistake! As Charlie left for a minute to get a blanket to cover Sheridan when she snuck her out of the Wallace home, Sheridan woke up. She fumbled her way out of the basement, and is wandering the Wallace home. That wouldn't be so bad except Beth and Luis are in the living room as Beth makes disgusting sandwiches to prove she is having pregnancy cravings. Edna spies Sheridan. Now no one get your hopes up out there. Luis will not find Sheridan. Not yet anyway.

Highlight of the week:   Ethan accidentally crawled into bed with Theresa. They both started kissing the other while they were sleeping. They weren't aware of what was going on but Whitney, Chad and Fox sure found out.

Ethan and Theresa have great chemistry. This little act of fate will prove to Theresa she should never give up on Ethan. It should prove to Ethan that he did only marry Gwen out of responsibility. It should prove to Fox that you can have the one that you want. It should prove to Whitney and Chad never to underestimate the power of Fate. It should prove to Gwen that Theresa will always have Ethan. It should prove to the rest of us that the writers do listen to us now and then. Ethan and Theresa will end up together. We can only hope that it happens while we are young enough to still care.

Until next week................


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