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Passions Article

Passions Highlight of the Week

By Clorinda

Week of 7/28 - 8/1/03

This week things started to heat up on Passions.

Ethan and Theresa are in the same city but have not seen each other yet. I am sure that they won't be seeing each other until their paths have criss-crossed enough times to tie all the shoes in L.A. Passions is famous for these near misses.

Luis is right on top of Sheridan  as we speak. He is working in  the  Wallace basement. Remember back to when Sheridan had no memory of her past? Oh how many times did their paths cross! Luis came to the island and they were right near each other on several occasions. If that wasn't bad enough, Sheridan came to Harmony and the couple still could not find each other. That is strange considering how "Connected" they are supposed to be. If you don't remember all those times, you are lucky. This near miss, paths almost crossing stuff is a torture device that J.E.R. has perfected. I know of no other show where this plot device is used repeatedly. It is getting old. So is the Beth/Charlie/Sheridan in the pit thing. This is too stupid for words. Sheridan has been thrown around and roughed up. There is no way a real woman could still be pregnant. The stress of her situation would take it's toll if nothing else. It also bothers me that she has no bathroom nor so we see the remains of any food. They should end this storyline a.s.a.p.

Sheridan had her chance to escape when Beth got her out of the pit to make the DVD. She could have fought a little harder. Even weak and tired, mothers put up one hell of a fight to protect their children. Hopefully Luis will find her but it won't be while he is in the basement. We will have to wait. So what else is new???

Antonio is just hopeless. How stupid can one guy be???? His wife is pregnant with their first child and she runs away from him. She does not want the "father of her baby" around for the birth??? Get a clue Antonio!!! Women in love don't do this. Thank god Sheridan has Luis. If it were up to Antonio, she would never be found. Personally, I think he read her diary and knows everything. When all this pit mess is resolved, he will be the next big obstacle in the way of Luis and Sheridan's love. If they still don't tell him the truth after all that has passed, they don't ever deserve to be happy.

Kay's baby is fighting for her tiny little life. When she took a turn for the worst, Miguel was with Charity. Kay went ballistic and started to hit Charity. I LOVED THIS!!!!! Someone please explain to me why Charity HAS to tell everyone, every little detail of every one of her premonitions. There are times when she should just suck it up and keep it to herself. The baby shower was a classic example. She had no business talking about dead babies. That's like going to a wedding and talking about divorce and spousal abuse. Bad taste and timing. That made Charity look just too tacky and inconsiderate.

Highlight of the week.....The birth of Tabitha's baby demon. Tabby had her baby as Julian and Rebecca "helped." The couple could not escape Tabitha's house and suddenly found themselves in hell. Literally. The head demon was playing with them and mentioned electrocution. Julian's past misdeeds flashed on the screen as a warning that he did indeed belong there. When the couple came around, they found themselves in Tabitha's living room as she explained away the hellish scene as a side effect from too many martimmys. Rebecca shudders and calls Tabitha's baby an ugly little demon. Her baby's human form is then shown and the baby girl is beautiful. Julian is proud. Tabitha tells him to get any and all fatherly notions out of his head.

O.K. now where does that leave us?? Let's see...... Tabby gave birth. Kay gave birth. Gwen is having contractions. Hopefully Sheridan will go into labor soon. The second generation of the lost souls in Harmony are being born. Tabby's baby will help heat things up and keep yet another generation from being happy. All I need to be happy is Sheridan getting out of the pit.

See you next week.

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