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Passions Article

Passions Highlight of the Week

By Clorinda

Week of 7/7 - 7/11/03

Well last week's fire is out and everyone survived. I don't understand how they survived but they did. I'm not sure when I blinked but when I did, I missed how Theresa, Whitney, Chad, Fox, TC, and Sam got out of the inferno that the fire department called hopeless. I saw the roof cave in and the fire chief tell a hysterical Eve that no one could have survived. The next thing I know, Sam, Fox and Theresa are outside of the burning club. Eve sees that her family is still trapped and screams for TC. The next thing I see is TC walking toward Eve carrying Whitney in his arms. Maybe I had a "senior" moment but I don't understand the rationale for the writers getting the characters to escape. If they explained it or showed it, there was very little detail since it could have been missed so easily. I pay attention to the storylines. I watch carefully. It's my job. This week totally confused me and I have been watching since day one. Oh well.........

Kay is in labor crying for Miguel. I think it totally stinks that her life and the baby's is in danger and all  Miguel can do is worry about Charity. This is just as bad as cheating on your partner. Miguel is turning into the dreaded one dimensional character that we all hate as well as find boring. A one dimensional character is a character that can only say one line and think of one thing. Now that could apply to many of the characters on the show but the difference is that Miguel, like Liz is boring. Kay's goal in life is to get Miguel but she is far from boring. Tabitha wants to destroy all the love in Harmony but she is a fun and interesting character. Ivy only wants Sam but she has a lot more than that going for her. Liz, like Miguel are focused on only one thing and do nothing else. What has Miguel done for the past few months??? Tell everyone that Charity is the love of his life and he does not and never will love the woman carrying his baby. He hardly ever shows any emotion at all. He tells Charity that he loves her with the same voice that he tells Kay that he will never love her. Part of this is the actor's fault. Mainly though the problem lies with the writers. We may never know what kind of actor Jesse Metcalf really is if he is never given a chance to show us.  

The writers did Ben Masters a true favor by writing him as a heel with occasionally a heart of gold. He has many dimensions. That is why......The highlight of the week goes to Julian Crane who proved the chivalry is not dead. Julian, who is written as one of daytime's most spineless characters took the blame for the fire that Eve set to the Blue Note. He faced jail and court and TC's wrath to protect the woman he loves. The writers have always written Julian as a heel but he is the heel that you love to hate. He can act like a spoiled little boy at times but he is at his best when he shows genuine caring for another human being. He truly liked Timmy. Their friendship was an inspired stroke of genius on the writer's part. Now we see how much he loves Eve and is willing to put his life on the line for her. Eve brings out the best that is buried deep in Julian. That in itself makes me want to see them hook up as a couple. Well that and the fact that TC is a total jerk these days. If Eve ever harbored any notion that her husband would ever understand her past, it's an illusion. He is too egotistical and narrow minded to be forgiving. He deserves to have Eve toss her past in his face and call him a stupid blind fool for not figuring it out sooner. She should tell him to go off with Liz so she can be the next Mrs. Julian Crane. Oh and by the way TC, if that happens, Eve can afford to quit the dreaded job that takes her away from her family and live happily ever after. Well we can only hope.....

Until next week,


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