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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #8

4/8 - 4/12/02

Why didn't Eve leave Sam/Grace's house when everybody else did?  That way she wouldn't have had to deal with Ivy.

Beth's dress is really ugly.  It's just something about it that doesn't look right.

Ivy's gun didn't look loaded.  

Thank goodness for Tabitha's commentary.  We would never know what's going on in Harmony. (dripping with sarcasm)

Sam and Grace can see Charity's clothes under the blanket, but they couldn't see her hand.

The curtain in the restaurant where Sheridan/Brian and Luis/Beth are was not that thick so why couldn't they see each other.

Why would Gwen support Ethan and Theresa getting back together when Theresa is half-responsible for Gwen and Ethan not being together.

Now Kay is using the expression "The Man I Love."  The writers need to be more original.

It is definitely time for Ivy and Rebecca to get their comeuppance.

What is taking Grace so long to look at the DNA results?  She must have the same problem as Eve when it concerns opening the envelope.

The bellhop was making a big deal about helping Sheridan and Luis back together and now all of a sudden he doesn't recognize Sheridan.

Sheridan was talking very loud in front of the room where Luis was filling the ice bucket yet he didn't hear her.  Also they didn't hear Luis when he was filling the bucket.

How come Beth recognized Antonio when she saw him yet Luis didn't know who he was when they saw each other in Harmony?

Why did Sheridan have to talk to Luis behind the door?

When was Theresa ever a victim?

When Kay and Charity fell down the stairs, you could clearly tell that it was a stunt double.

They could have kept Theresa's dream.  It was so pointless.

Eve should have just called Ivy's bluff and told Grace the truth.  Now Ivy's got something else to blackmail her about.

When did Theresa start showing?  She wasn't showing yesterday.

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