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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #44

12/23 - 12/27/02


Liz didn't even sound convincing when she said that she didn't know that TC was in the kitchen. Guess it's a good thing that TC is so blind to the truth.

We are so sick of Connie and Cecil. They could leave the show and we wouldn't care.

Theresa was screaming as if Fox was trying to kill her. All he was doing was standing in the room.

How convenient that Liz knew how to make the grilled cheese and tomato sandwich the way Eve makes it.

Guess Liz will no longer have problems trusting people if or when she gets TC.

Simone is such a hypocrite. She can lecture Kay about never quitting when it concerns her breaking up Miguel and Charity, but it's okay when she's helping her get Chad.

Instead of just standing there screaming and watching Ethan and Fox fight, Theresa could have turned on a light.

How convenient that Ethan was able to get into Theresa's room, but Gwen couldn't. If Theresa's door was locked when Gwen tried to get in, how did Fox and Ethan get in the room?

Why is Whitney sorry that Chad had to lie to Simone on the phone? All he's been doing is lying to her.


Where did Fox get a suit? He didn't bring any clothes with him.

This has been mentioned before but why doesn't charity have a scar from her surgery? Her wedding dress was very low cut so you can tell that she didn't have a trace of a scar.

Once again Simone showed no loyalty to Kay. She was practically rubbing her nose in the fact that Charity and Miguel were getting married.

Why was Kay suddenly feeling sick at the wedding? When she was doing all of that plotting, she didn't say anything about being sick.

Stupidest line of the day: When Antonio was grabbing for his head, Miguel asked him if he had a headache.

Why would the Bennett's leave Tabitha in their house alone?

Grace is so sick. She couldn't believe Kay when she said she was sick but when John was sick she was there for him.


Why doesn't Grace have a picture of Noah in the house?

Speaking of Noah, why wouldn't he come home for Ethan and Charity's wedding? That must be a demanding college he goes to.

Grace acted as if she didn't care if Eve revived Kay or not.

What kind of mother is Grace? She always thinks the worst of her.

When did Eve become a community activist? We must have missed it.

Pilar shouldn't have had to tell Theresa to help Phyllis with her son.

Eve cold have used smelling sauce on Kay in the first place.

If Eve recognized that Kay could have been pregnant (based on what Kay said) why couldn't Grace recognize the signs.


We didn't need Tabitha to recap what happened in the past couple of days.

It is not likely that Eve would lose her job if everyone found out about her past. Besides what would the people of Harmony do if Eve were fired.

Theresa didn't have to give Ethan such an expensive gift. She know that he couldn't afford to give her something like that.

Theresa must have forgotten that Gwen helped bring little Ethan in the world.

It's so rich of Pilar not to want to live in the house because it was built with Crane money. Correct us if we're wrong but doesn't she take Crane money when she gets her check.

Eve never has to worry about TC finding out about her past. He never figures anything out.

It was stupid for Liz to give Eve the picture if she was going to rip it up.


Simone judged Kay for what she is doing to her family as if she isn't trying to do the same thing to her sister.

Who didn't know that Grace was going to blame Kay for why she's pregnant.

Of course Theresa was talking about herself when she was giving Miguel advice about what to do about Charity and Kay.

David needs to stay out of Sam and Grace's problems. He only makes matters worse.

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