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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #43

12/16 - 12/20/02


Ivy and Rebecca kept having the same conversation about Theresa. They could at least change it up.

We were so sick of Gwen interrupting Ethan while he was trying to tell her about working for Theresa.

Tabitha needs to stop saying that she will die if Miguel and Charity get married.

It seems as if Grace doesn't want to fix things with Sam.

Liz needs to get help. She is too bitter about what Eve did to her over 20 years ago.

When Liz told TC that her sister was going to be at the party, why didn't he just ask who she was sooner? It would most likely be someone he knows since they were invited to the party.

We remember a time when Hank was forcing Beth down Luis's throat. He thought that Luis should marry Beth when he was still grieving over Sheridan. Now all of a sudden he thinks that Luis shouldn't marry her.


TC is too obsessed over finding out about Liz's sister.

Hank was so pointless. All he did was go get help for Antonio.

What happened to half the guests at the party?

Theresa is so selfish. Her brother is dying and all she cares about is getting Ethan.

Sheridan is so heartless. She could have shown a little concern for Antonio. It just seems as if she can't wait for him to drop dead so she could be with Luis.

Grace looked relieved when Kay lied about what she knows about David and Ivy.

Sheridan asked Luis if he would marry Beth if Antonio died at least 3 or 4 times. She didn't even change up the question.


Once again we got blessed with another recap on how Sam didn't know that Ethan was his son.

Why wouldn't Gwen's father be at Gwen's wedding? He didn't have to talk to Rebecca to go to her wedding.

Why would Theresa be invited to Gwen and Ethan's wedding? They know she wants to be with Ethan.

Speaking of inviting people, why would Ethan/Gwen invite Mrs. Wallace?

John told Kay that his father was better for Grace than Sam as if he wasn't talking to his daughter.

Holidays must come fast in Harmony. Last week or the week before it was Thanksgiving and now the next day will be Christmas.

A sign that Antonio may be able to see: Antonio knew where Sheridan was standing when he was talking to Father Lonigan. She wasn't talking at the time so he shouldn't have known where she was standing.

Gwen said that she invited 200 people to the wedding. It doesn't look as if there are 200 people at the wedding.

Where was the musical montage for Gwen when Ethan was going to marry Theresa?


Why didn't anyone, besides Gwen, notice how Theresa was practically celebrating when Gwen finished reading the papers?

We are sick of Charity mentioning her premonition.


Why was Sam placing so much emphasis on him and Grace dancing at the reception? He acted as if their problems would have went away if they got to dance that first dance.

One more sign that Antonio may be able to see: Antonio knew that Luis was near him when he was talking about how strong the Lopez-Fitzgerald's are.

Sam could have told Ivy that he didn't want to dance with her. He must have forgotten how to say no.

All Sheridan keeps doing is asking Luis if he's going to marry her if Antonio dies. She needs to give him a chance to think about it.

When did Luis suddenly have a change of heart about Antonio dying? Before he wanted to marry Sheridan when he knew (here comes our favorite phrase *sarcasm*) the shock could kill Antonio if he found out the truth.

Eve always makes everything seem worse than it is. Why would Ivy die from just dancing with Sam? She is barely moving.

How convenient that Ivy needed someone to watch her so she could follow Eve's orders. Also convenient was how Ethan only trusted Sam to watch her. He knows that Sam is having problems with Grace so why would he ask him to watch her.

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