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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #42

12/9 - 12/13/02


When did Sheridan have time to send the wedding announcements to the paper?

Some sister Jessica is. She couldn't wait to throw up in Kay's face that Miguel wouldn't have slept with her.

Theresa yelled at Alistair as if he couldn't fire her.

It is so obvious that the writers cater to Theresa. Alistair was practically kissing up to her.

For someone who was ready to move on with Beth, Luis couldn't wait to tell Sheridan how they could still be married.

How many chances did Sheridan need to be with Luis? He gives her so many chances and yet she refuses to want to take it.

Why did Darren Eubanks have to tell Theresa who he had an appointment with? It was none of her business?


Why isn't John almost finished his classes? He said he had a light course load this semester.

Theresa is becoming more and more like a Crane as we speak.

TC needs to realize that Whitney and Simone are not little girls.

John doesn't know that Charity isn't his cousin and yet he said he likes her, but Miguel saw her first.

It's obvious that Chad is going to drive the point home that everything Gwen wants is going to cost a lot of money.

Theresa was talking to herself as if someone was in the room with her.

You would think that Theresa wouldn't drink considering what happened to her before when she drank champagne.


Ethan didn't care about hurting Gwen's feelings when he dumped her yet he's so concerned about hurting Theresa.

How come John was able to hear Kay and Miguel talking, but Charity didn't hear it? Charity wasn't that far away from John so she should have heard them too.

Grace is a piece of work. When she sensed that John was in trouble, she wanted to know what was wrong. When it's Kay, she doesn't care. She accuses her of being up to something.

Ethan is so rude. He didn't knock when he went in Theresa's room.

How does Ivy know that Kay is vicious? She barely knows her.


If Sheridan wants to marry Luis, then maybe she should tell Antonio the truth.

Theresa will never learn. All she does is scheme to get Ethan and she wonders why she doesn't have him.

How would Miguel now that Theresa is hurting over Ethan dumping her?

Wouldn't he have to have been around Theresa to know?

Why is Sheridan blaming Antonio for why she's not marrying Luis? It is her fault why they are not together.

Why is Charity constantly thanking Kay for her help? She's not doing

anything to help her with her wedding.


We are so sick of Theresa getting her way. Of course Ethan was going to take the job working for her.

Ethan is so gullible. He is always willing to believe anything that Theresa tells him.

Why is Father Lonigan telling Sheridan and Luis that he can't marry them if they are not honest about their feelings for each other? It doesn't take much for them to lie to him.

How come Luis didn't have to kiss Beth during the wedding rehearsal.

If Sheridan wanted to tell Antonio the truth, she didn't have to let him cut her off.

Now it must be okay for Theresa to be a Crane so Luis needs something.

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