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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #41

12/2 - 12/6/02

We're sick of David telling Ivy that he feels guilty about what he's doing to Sam and Grace. If he feels that guilty, he should tell Grace the truth. (Monday)

How convenient that Antonio only heard Luis talking to Sheridan. Of course he wasn't going to hear her talking. (Monday)

David needs to mind his own business. He's always butting in Sam and Grace's arguments. (Monday)

Grace is being really spiteful. We are sick of her holier-than-thou attitude. (Monday)

The writers must think that the viewers are stupid. We didn't need to see the flashbacks of Theresa signing and eating the divorce papers. When she said what happened, we could have figured out what happened without the flashbacks. (Monday)

Why is Miguel at the Bennett house and not at the Crane mansion? (Monday)

Grace and Sam were acting as if they didn't know that Miguel and Charity are getting married. They told them at the hospital. (Monday)

Why didn't Tabitha get destroyed when Kay had sex? She is a Standish so Tabitha should have been destroyed. (Tuesday)

Since when is it okay for Father Lonigan to lie? (Tuesday)

Antonio may be very cute, but he has no brains if he believes these stupid lies everyone keeps telling him. (Tuesday)

We don't approve of kids hitting their parents, but Kay needs to hit Grace again. She is so obvious that she doesn't want to see Kay happy.  (Tuesday)

Why would Theresa invite so many strangers to the Crane mansion and not people she knows? (Tuesday)

Why hasn't Miguel told his family that he's getting married? Oh right, he did tell his family: the Bennetts. (Tuesday)

Why couldn't Chad see Kay and Simone at the window when he was talking to Whitney? If they were able to see him, there's no reason why he couldn't see them. (Tuesday)

Theresa is getting really desperate. She couldn't wait to use Sheridan and Luis's situation for her own gain. Father Lonigan said Sheridan couldn't marry Antonio because she didn't love just him. That had nothing to do with Theresa's situation. (Tuesday)

Is Father Lonigan the only priest in Harmony? If he didn't want to marry Ethan and Gwen or Sheridan and Antonio, they could have gone to someone else to marry them. (Tuesday)

Nobody noticed how bad Grace's food was when they first started eating it.  (Tuesday)

When Ethan and Theresa were getting married, Father Lonigan had no problem marrying them. Now that he wants to marry Gwen, Father Lonigan didn't want to marry them unless he only loved Gwen. (Wednesday)

Why would Charity want to wear a dress that wasn't even for her? (Wednesday)

Speaking of Charity, if she is picking out the dresses for her wedding, they are most likely going to be very ugly. In our opinion, Charity cannot dress. (Wednesday)

Why would Simone help Charity plan her wedding? We should all have a friend like her. (Thursday)

Grace doesn't have to give her dress to Charity. She could have given it to Kay or Jessica. (Thursday)

How convenient was it that Beth was standing outside of Sheridan's cottage listening to what Antonio was saying about the double wedding. Of course they couldn't hear her talking. (Thursday)

It's okay for Sheridan to marry Antonio, but Luis is wrong for wanting to marry Beth. (Thursday)

How many times is Jessica going to rub it in Kay's face that Charity and Miguel are getting married? (Friday)

How does Kay know that Ethan got Gwen pregnant? We don't remember anyone telling her? (Friday)

Why would Beth ask Luis if he would leave her if he was free? Of course he wasn't going to tell her the truth. (Friday)

Guess the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are the only family that would stay with someone forever when they say "I do." (Friday)

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