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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #39

11/18 - 11/22/02

Why is TC so obsessed with finding out who Liz's sister is? (Monday)

Why would TC want to help Liz get back at someone he doesn't know? (Monday)

Is Antonio the only person that doesn't know that Liz still loves him?

Whenever anyone talks to her, they always tell her that she still loves him. (Monday)

Did Antonio forget that he stabbed his family in the back when he left Harmony? He was very judgmental when Liz mentioned what Eve did to her.  (Monday)

Ethan is such a lightswitch. He was going to propose to Gwen this same night and now he wants to marry Theresa. (Monday)

Why would Theresa sign something without reading it? She didn't know what she could have been signing. (Monday and Tuesday)

We get it. Every time Antonio gets close to finding out the truth about Sheridan and Luis, he's going to go blind. We predicted that he would go blind before it happened. (Tuesday)

Why did Theresa wait until Ethan was gone to confront Ivy? (Tuesday)

Rebecca said that Julian would go to jail for Sheridan's attempted murder, but why didn't anyone get arrested for attempting to murder him. (Tuesday)

How come Ethan didn't ask Theresa if her baby was his when she tried to pass him off as Ethan's son? He should have known that Gwen wasn't with anyone else but him. (Tuesday)

Grace mentioned catching Sam with Ivy as if Sam didn't catch her with David. (Wednesday)

Grace is making a big deal about not wanting to be with Sam until she gets the annulment from David. Did she forget that it's her fault that she didn't get the annulment? (Wednesday)

If we had a nickel for every time Sheridan says that "the shock will kill him," we could buy every place in Harmony. (Wednesday)

Liz is starting to sound like a broken record. She should just tell TC the truth already. (Wednesday)

Why does Ethan keep thinking about stuff that just happened? Does he really have short-term memory? (Thursday)

What is the point of Tabitha being on the show now? She has rarely been seen now. (Thursday)

Gwen was drinking alcohol earlier that night, but now that she knows that she's pregnant (the same night) she feels that she has to get milk. (Thursday)

When did Ethan fall out of love with Gwen? This is the same day that he bought the ring for her. And now all of a sudden Gwen's not the right woman for him. (Friday)

Theresa had the nerve to tell Gwen that she could be tricking Ethan by saying that she's pregnant. Who does that remind you of? (Friday)

It's getting really easy for Pilar to lie. She was always making a big thing about telling the truth. (Friday)

Liz needs to start blaming herself for why she is not with Antonio.  (Friday)

Grace is going to push Sam right back into Ivy's arms. (Friday)

Why is Grace acting as if Sam was with her while he was with Ivy? She is just overreacting to what Sam told Ethan. (Friday)

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