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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #38

11/11 - 11/15/02

We are so tired of people acting as if they know what's going on when they really don't. Antonio did this today when he thought he knew why Luis and Sheridan were acting the way they were. (Monday)

It's so obvious that Simone wouldn't have seen Chad and Whitney together. (Monday)

When did Liz get a car? She asked Simone and Kay if they could get her bags out of the car. (Monday)

Why didn't Whitney hear Eve and Liz talking outside of her room? She heard Kay and Simone talking and they weren't talking that loud. (Monday)

How did Whitney get outside to talk to Chad without Eve or Liz seeing her? (Monday)

It doesn't make any sense that Ethan can't decide who he wants to marry.  He was dating Gwen plus he bought the ring for her. (Tuesday)

It's good that Gwen is ready to move on without Ethan. That's what Theresa needs to do. (Tuesday)

If Luis told Antonio's family and friends to be at the Crane mansion while he told Antonio the truth, where were Miguel and Theresa? Why wouldn't he tell them about Antonio? (Tuesday)

Ethan knows that Theresa wants to marry him so he doesn't need to take so long to ask her. (Wednesday)

Gwen was telling Sheridan about fighting for Luis yet she has to be told to fight for Ethan. (Wednesday)

You would think that Mrs. Wallace would stop pushing her luck with Beth.   She's already tried to kill her once. Who's to say that she couldn't do it again. (Wednesday)

If Sheridan didn't want to tell Antonio the truth, she shouldn't have agreed to it before. She should have known that Antonio would have reacted the way he did. This isn't the first time that he said nice things to Shuis. (Thursday)

Ethan obviously forgot about the conversation he had with Chad. He said that he had heart to hearts with Sam and Julian. Chad kept telling Ethan to consider marrying Theresa. It wasn't just Julian and Sam that told him that.  (Thursday)

Sheridan sure didn't stay in Gwen's corner long when she found out that Ethan wanted to marry Theresa. She couldn't wait to bare her soul to Gwen when she needed a friend to talk to. What a way to show her loyalty. She accepted that too fast considering he was dumping her best friend. (Thursday)

Who didn't know that TC would rescue Eve from having to admit that she's Liz's sister? Liz said that her was right there so it wasn't wrong for Antonio to ask Eve if she is Liz's sister. (Friday)

TC was making a big deal out of Antonio asking if Eve was Liz's sister. (Friday)

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