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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #35

10/21 - 10/25/02

Simone just forgot all about Whitney when she came running into Chad's arms. Whitney was the one that could have been killed and she didn't care. All she cared about was Chad. He didn't risk his life for Whitney. (Monday)

Guess it's a good thing that Mrs. Wallace happened to have pills that will make Luis want to sleep with Beth. (Monday)

Instead of standing outside the kitchen door, Mrs. Wallace can stop Luis from drinking the beer. (Monday)

How many times was Sheridan going to tell Antonio that she has to tell him the truth? (Monday)

Why did TC have to go to the Book Cafe to get some coffee? You would think that the hospital would have coffee. (Tuesday)

Why would Kay want to help Simone after all the things she said to her? Guess we know who the better friend is. (Tuesday)

Who didn't know that Simone was going to blame Whitney for being in love with Chad? Of course she wasn't going to hear Chad say that he loves Whitney. (Tuesday)

Chad can tell Simone the truth himself if he can't deal with all of the lying that Whitney has him doing. (Tuesday)

We are tired of Mrs. Wallace. She is so pointless. All she does is say that Beth is wicked and evil. If she feels that strongly about Beth being wrong, maybe she should warn Luis. If she can't tell him, then she could tell someone else. It doesn't do her any good to say is to herself and Beth. (Tuesday)

Big surprise. TC didn't see Eve and Julian kissing. We were able to predict that TC would have been in the wrong room. (Wednesday)

Sheridan is obviously forgetting that she planned on marrying Antonio. She reacted to the idea of Luis being with Beth as if she had a nerve. Now she knows how Luis feels when she's kissing Antonio. (Wednesday)

TC was able to find Julian's room when Eve was gone. (Wednesday)

Why are the writers trying so hard to get us to believe that everything Theresa does is for love? (Thursday)

If Sheridan wasn't lying to Antonio in the first place, she wouldn't have seen Luis "with" Beth. (Wednesday-Thursday)

Instead of giving her speech a big build up, Liz could have told TC who she was talking about. Speaking of which, Liz must have had to draw a picture for TC so he could get who she was talking about. It was so obvious that she was talking about Eve. (Friday)

Why didn't Chad tell Ethan about being sure about marrying Theresa when he broke up with Gwen? It's so obvious what the writers are doing. They are trying to convince us that Ethan and Theresa belong together. (Friday)

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