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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #30

9/16 - 9/20/02

Why didn't Sheridan have this feeling of dying young before?  She's "died" more than once and she didn't make reference to this feeling.

Simone acts too giddy when she's around Chad.  Maybe her drink was spiked too.

Speaking of Simone, we can't wait until she finds out that Chad loves Whitney.

Why is Sheridan so concerned about Beth being a threat to her and Luis?  She knows that Luis loves her.  He is only pretending to be engaged to Beth.

The writers were so tacky having Hecuba make fun of Timmy.  

This green smoke is a stupid way to keep the "couples" apart.

How convenient is it that the green smoke only affects people who are not with their first loves?

We forgot to mention this before but the dress that Simone is wearing looks better on Whitney.

If Grace wanted to get the annulment, she could have done it herself.  She doesn't have to wait for David to do everything.

Why would Whitney, Chad, and Simone be at the Crane house in Whitney's vision?  Theresa is not there.  Also, if you look carefully, you can still see that the house is still decorated the way that Rebecca had it.

We did not need to see a recap of everything the green smoke made everyone see?  It just happened, so we didn't forget.

Are we supposed to believe that Ethan wouldn't have had the heart attack that he had in Ethan/Theresa's visions if he was with Theresa?

Charity just had a heart transplant and yet you can't see her scar.

It is so annoying that Chad and Whitney won't tell Simone the truth.  They just keep letting her cut them off.  We are ready to throw something at them.

Why would anybody leave their keys in the ignition and leave the top down on their car?  No wonder Simone was able to steal the car.  We're surprised no one else stole the car.

Why is it that when anyone gets in an accident, they always have a scratch on their heads?

Passions nitpick: When Simone crashed into the garage, the car was not banged up.  It didn't even get a scratch on it.

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