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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #21

July 15 - July 19, 2002

Whitney is such a light switch.  One minute she wants Chad and the next minute she doesn't.

It is tacky how Diana rubbed in Liz's face how she and Brian are getting married.  There is no way that she doesn't know how Liz feels about him.

Here we go again with Nick and Stan reminding the viewers about Nick's plan.

Simone was very good not to say why she wasn't at the execution.  If she felt sorry for Pilar, then she should have been there for them.

Why would Beth's mother tell Beth her plan to break her and Luis up?  If she did something to make her use a walker, then imagine what she'll do to her if she breaks them up.

Why does Simone want to suddenly apologize to Whitney?  She should have seen her everyday and she didn't want to apologize then.

How much liquor does Rebecca have in her flask?  

Theresa was breathing kind of hard for someone who is supposed to be dead.

How did Beth know to find Luis at Sheridan's cottage?

What took Simone so long to get in the studio?  It shouldn't take that long to find the key.

If Chad wanted to tell Simone the truth, he could have interrupted her while she was talking.

Why isn't Luis angry at Paloma the way he is angry at Brian?  She isn't there for Pilar either.

Why did Kay have to go home to dump the vial?  She could have dumped it on the ground.

What is wrong with Luis?  Now he wants to blame Brian for what happened to Theresa.  He didn't make her confess to murdering Julian.

Why didn't Jessica recognize Whitney on the ledge?  She saw enough of her to know that it was a woman.  It wasn't too dark for her to tell that it was a woman on the ledge.

The recast of Jessica looks older than Kay.

Yeah Charity, throwing stuff on the floor will persuade Miguel to have sex with you.

We really needed Kay to tell us that Miguel was going to break up with Charity.

Where did they find the nurse and the doctor who are tending to Brian?  They are really terrible.

We didn't think Sheridan and Luis were going to talk to each other.

Is Simone really that naive?  Can't she tell that Chad doesn't want her.

How did Simone get the idea that Chad wanted to wait until she turned 18 to go out with her?

Pilar could have told Brian about Theresa while he was on the phone with her.

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