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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #20

July 8 - July 12, 2002

We're sick of Liz constantly telling Brian about racing. Get the hint, he doesn't want to listen.

How come Diana knows how to drive a race car?

Why didn't the warden hear Theresa practically admit to lying about killing Julian?

The new Ethan looks to old to be Ivy's son.

Brian should have found out about Theresa by now. How convenient is it that no one was watching TV or listening to the radio while he was out with Liz?

We're not really Theresa fans, but Rebecca is being really heartless about Theresa's execution.

All Nick and Stan ever do is have the same conversation about their plan. They keep reminding each other and the viewers what's going to happen when the race car gets to 7800. Enough already.

Guess we would never know what was going on with Theresa's execution if it weren't for Eve giving us a play-by-play of what they were doing to her.

What's up with the way they changed Beth? Why are they turning her crazy all of a sudden?

We have never seen a show with so much death or so much talk about death or destruction until now.

Charity has been acting "different" for a while and now Miguel notices.

If Theresa is dead, how come you can see her pulse beating?

We're sick of Charity talking to the camera and telling what's happening. We can see for ourselves.

It's so convenient that no one ever hears Kay talking to Charity.

"Whitney needs to talk to someone her own age." Since when were Whitney and Chad the same age.

Where are Simone, Jessica, and Reese? Why wouldn't they be at the execution?

Instead of stopping the tape every five minutes, Pilar should have let the tape play.

If Pilar never got to watch the tape (thanks to Ivy and Rebecca's interruption) what was she watching while they were outside the door?

Why do Ivy and Rebecca think that Pilar will suspect them of setting Theresa up? It does not show them doing anything so what are they worried for?

When did Rebecca have time to change the tape? She didn't have the Gone With the Wind tape with her. That tape was in the room with Alistair. When Rebecca came out of Theresa's room, she said that she couldn't get the tape out of the VCR. If she switched the tape, why was she acting as if she was busted?

What is the point of Angel girl? She doesn't do anything.

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