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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #2

February 25 - March 1, 2002

Why didn't they show a montage of Ethan and Gwen's relationship when they broke up?  Are we supposed to believe that it was true love when Ethan and Theresa were together?

Why do they always have to stop and talk before they enter a room?  For example, TC was telling Sam what he thought happened between Whitney and Chad instead of just going in Whitney's room.  Eve did the same thing with Grace before she went in to Whitney's room.

Why isn't the real Charity dead?  She has been frozen in the ice for months.

Why do the writers always make Tabitha commentate everything that goes on?

Why does everyone act as if they killed Julian?  Theresa was talking to Pilar about him dying a horrible death as if she knew for a fact that he was dead.  Pilar was acting as if she killed Julian too.  We assumed that one person shot Julian so why are they all acting guilty.

Why was Simone still wearing her coat?  She should have been home for a while.  When Simone was in Whitney's room, she was still wearing her coat.

Why is Theresa blaming everyone for why she lost Ethan?  It is her own fault.  No one told her to lie to him.

Did one of the rocks in front of the cave hit Miguel in the head?  He must have lost his memory.  Kay already told Miguel how she felt about him.  He was acting as if it was a surprise when Zombie Charity told Miguel how Kay felt about him.

When is Rebecca getting out of that dress?  We are sick and tired of seeing it.

Last night in Harmony has lasted a long time.

Why would Theresa say that nobody cares if she lives or dies?  Her family and friends care.  She would have been better off saying that she didn't care if she lived or died.

Why wasn't Sam willing to get a DNA test on Ethan?  Ivy never showed him proof that Ethan is his son.  She lied to him before, so why wouldn't she lie to him again.

Grace conveniently has room in the B&B for John and Chad, but she didn't offer a room to Ethan.

Julian made Theresa commit suicide.  Okay.  Julian was the one that knocked Theresa off the wharf.  Julian was the one that told Theresa to lie to Ethan.

If Theresa's spirit was with "Julian," how come she felt the prick that "Julian" gave her?

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