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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #17

6/17 - 6/21/02

Why does Liz want Brian when he clearly doesn't want her?  She is no different from the women in Harmony.

They need to end this Wizard of Oz story.  It is so stupid.

What kind of a priest lies?  He is always talking about goodness and yet he lied.

We are ready to see Zombie Charity disappear.

What happened to half the people in Harmony?  They haven't been seen in weeks.

We are sick of Zombie saying that she's going to make love to Miguel and no one is going to stop her.  She has been saying that or any variation of that for weeks.

It's time to get rid of the floating head.

Gwen has been saying how Theresa will die if she doesn't get to the hospital.  She needs to give it a rest.

Why were Diana & Liz just standing around when Brian was fighting Nick?  They could have helped him and maybe he wouldn't have been hit from behind.

Is it ethical for Eve to tell Beth about Theresa's condition?

It did not take long for Rebecca to tell where Ethan and Theresa were.  Gwen just told her not to say anything and she couldn't wait to tell it.

Anytime they need information they can always find it on the Internet.  They can always find exactly what they need even when they don't have much information.  That is all Diana had to do to find out about herself.  She could have used the Internet too.

The guards at the hospital are such terrible actors.

Why couldn't Eve just go in another room to talk to Ethan?  That way no one could hear her.

All it took for Theresa to stop being psychotic was for Ethan to throw water on her, yeah right.

Eve can hear Theresa yelling in the background of the phone, but she can't hear Ethan talking to her.

Why are they all talking about Theresa and Ethan so loudly?  It's no wonder that the guards finally figured out that she was gone.

This rant is worth repeating.  Miguel is the most gullible person on earth.  Zombie Charity's story didn't even sound the least bit convincing and he believed it.

Miguel and Kay weren't too surprised that Charity opened Tabitha's door.  She doesn't live there so she shouldn't be answering her door.

What did Gwen use to cut the cord?

When did Miguel get a car?

Why did it take the ice so long to melt?  IT is apparently warm because nobody is wearing a coat.

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