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Passions Article

Michele and Cheryl's Rant #11

4/29 - 5/3/02

Why is Pilar still working at the Crane mansion? Ivy fired her when Theresa left court.

How convenient that Diana is better now that Luis is gone?

What happened to the rest of the cast? More than half of the cast disappeared.

Rebecca needs to cover her mole. It looks nasty.

How come Sheridan didn't feel a connection to the picture? She felt a connection to everything else.

Timmy's story is so pointless. There are so many that they could do, or they drop and we have to endure this.

Pilar is really making a big deal about taking the Crane money. She takes the Crane money all of the time.

Why didn't Tabitha hear Zombie talking on the phone while she was talking to Timmy? Also, why didn't she hear Zombie pick up the phone.

When are Theresa and Pilar going to talk about something else? They have been having the same conversation for weeks.

Why did Rebecca have to whisper her plan to Ivy? They were alone in the room, so she didn't have to whisper.

It was so obvious that Tabitha was a doll when Zombie was attacking her.   If it wasn't a doll, then it was obvious that it wasn't Tabitha.

The people in Harmony need to lock their doors.

If Zombie has powers, why is it so hard for her to kill Tabitha and Timmy?   Why can't she just bring Timmy back?

Why is it dark in Bermuda when it's dark in Harmony?

How come Luis and Beth didn't see Tabitha on the back of Hidden Passions?  They were standing right in front of it.

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