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Michele and Cheryl's Rant #1

February 18 - 22, 2002

What was with the flashback of the Marc Anthony and Cleopatra scenes? They showed this scene already and it's not as if it was important enough to show again.

The people on this show need psychiatrists.  They are always talking to themselves.

Why does Ivy think that drugging Whitney will get Eve to help her?

A talking snake? Now if this weren't Passions, we could say that we've seen everything.

It is such a waste of airtime to keep showing these Anthony/Cleopatra scenes.  Couldn't Tabitha just tell Zombie Charity the story without us having to see it? Guess that would have been too boring. *dripping with sarcasm*

Where is Ivy getting the money to pay for the people that work for her? She is no longer a Crane.

How come TC and Eve don't see Marty outside of their house?  You can see him big as day.

Note to writers: Please give Hank something more to say other than "Luis you have to get over Sheridan."

Someone is always talking about pain and suffering in Harmony.

Are we supposed to believe that Pilar didn't see the necklace on the floor all of that time?  It's been on the floor since Christmas.  We know it's been only a few days Harmony time, but she still should have seen it by now.

Where had Simone disappeared to all of that time.

People that overhear others talking to themselves never find it weird to see them talking to themselves.

Simone is no better than TC when it concerns Chad.  She could tell TC that Chad didn't do anything to Whitney.  He would probably believe her.

James Reily is so sexist.  Why couldn't Grace and/or Eve go with Sam and TC to look for Charity?  Eve is Harmony's only doctor so it would have made sense for her to go in case Charity was hurt.

When is Sheridan going to get her memory back?  We are sick of her having selective amnesia.

Speaking of Sheridan, we are so sicjk of the Luis/Sheridan story.  We wish that they could just put them together already.

Miguel really needs to get acting lessons.  His acting really sucks.  We're sorry if we offended any Miguel fans.

Sheridan is giving Theresa a run for her money in the crying department.  There doesn't seem to be a day that goes by when she is not crying.

Hope these weren't too long.  Hope you enjoy.

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