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Passions Article

Joey's Harmony Hype #1

"February Sweeps Have Been Swept... Right Out The Door on Passions"


Where to start, Passionettes?? This is the month in which writers lock themselves in their rooms and think of the best possible turn of events for their shows to sweep up those ratings. Well, there has to be a good explanation right? Hmmm... I got it!

There was a crisis at NBC, and they could only play the same episode of Passions over and over again for the past two weeks!!? Hardly the case folks, because this is what James E. Reily (head writer for Passions) had planned for February Sweeps: false advertising, a night that has gone on for more than a month, a never-ending battle between "Good VS Evil," and another member of Harmony’s women saved by a sweet simple little kiss after losing all signs of life.

As many would agree, Passions has great potential to become a soap like Days of Our Lives, but JER’s tendency to drag things out can really turn some viewers off. One often wonders in the "sleepy" town of Harmony if anyone actually goes to bed? My guesstamation figures that it has been at least 3 AM for the past two weeks now.

Counting the weekends, the current day on Passions has lasted forty-two days, and within that time period, the following has happened: Gwen and Rebecca throw an engagement party for Ethan and Theresa. Grace learns she's pregnant and has a feeling it will be a boy. Ethan orders Theresa and Pilar a make-over. The truth about Sam being Ethan’s real father is revealed after Rebecca e-mails a sleazy tabloid Ivy’s letter to Sam in which Theresa had stored on her computer. Sheridan and Luis take another stab at getting the deed done with a romantic bubble bath and fail when Theresa frantically calls the cottage in the middle of Julian’s rant. Charity is thrown into the fires of Hell at the hands of her cousin Kay, leaving the others to fight for her survival yet again. And after learning the news that her husband is Ethan Crane’s father, Grace takes a tumble down the Crane mansion stairs, losing her unborn baby.

Think the night is over? Well, not quite.... Ethan -minus his preppy attire- and the rest of the brat-packers change clothes and set out on a mission (at three o’clock in the morning) to find out who knew the truth about his identity and didn’t tell him, much to the despair of a terrified Theresa. Father Lonigan attempts to save both Kay and Charity with his never ending supply of holy water. Sam declares his love for Grace and with a sweet little kiss she comes back from the nearly dead to curse Ivy and her family for what she has done. All that taking place while Sheridan and Luis eat roasted chestnuts and head back to the cozy little cottage to finally make love. Whew what a night....all that could have been accomplished in a mere two weeks instead of the agonizing 42 days, in which viewers awaited the highly publicized death of a "much loved character."

And what a surprise the viewers got!! The much loved character that fell victim to Ivy’s crushing secret was in fact Grace’s baby, despite all rumors and spoilers. I honestly thought that the death might have been Hank after the recent departure of Dalton James and many would agree that his passing would have had more impact  than the death of Grace’s baby. Sure she will have to deal with the loss of her baby along with the rest of her family and friends, but this was no where near the much loved character that many anticipated.

In my personal opinion, the only thing good that has come out of February Sweeps on Passions was the apparent rewrite of Dana Sparks’ character, Grace Bennett.  Hopefully with her near death experience, the new Grace will remember she has powers to fight Evil and might venture over to the dark side again! (She was always sooo much fun to watch when she was evil wasn’t she?)  And no one can forget Sheridan and Luis... the only two people in the whole world that can spend hours upon hours together completely naked and not get anything done.  They finally followed through with their passions for one another after many scenes of smirks and giggles and all I can say is "Thank God!!!" You ask why?  Shuis was the couple on the show that up until now has kept me watching. All of the grins, goo-goo’s and ga-ga’s has totally worked my last nerve, proving that they were JER’s last resort for a ratings sweep. Once again, dragging things out has left viewers completely frustrated and cheated. And believe me, they had no problem voicing their opinions in show’s forums and chat.

After re-reading the JER interview, we can all hope that things will pick up speed on the show. In this interview, JER has promised a lot for the fans between weddings and "woo woo" (assuming everyone goes to bed and wakes up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to face the next month-long day in Harmony.) The only advice that I can give is hang in there Passion fans, for all of this "woo woo" has to come soon-soon!!!!

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