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Passions Article

Anna's Opinion #1

9/9 to 9/13/02

I think it's great that the PS writers decided to have a party for all of Harmony. It's great to see them dressed up and in a party atmosphere. It shows that the citizens of Harmony can clean up nice. Of course, it's just what I think, i.e. my opinion!

The whole Sheridan/Luis/Antonio/Beth saga is wonderful. I really have to give it to the writers. It's interesting to watch and it tugs at your heart to see the unhappiness in Luis and Sheridan's eyes. It surprised me that Beth has turned this evil, but she and Luis are a pretty couple to look at. I wonder if the PS writers will ever have Sheridan and Luis together happily for any length of time. If Antonio doesn't die, I wonder who PS will end up pairing him up with. Liz doesn't sound like a bad idea ... of course, it's just what I think, i.e. my opinion!

One thing PS has trouble with is showing a budding relationship. All relationships in Harmony are doomed or about to be doomed (Whitney/Chad/Simone, Miguel/Charity/Kay, Sheridan/Luis/Antonio, Sam/Grace, etc.) Why don't they show a relationship that is just beginning? I think Reese and Jessica are a great pair, and it would be terrific to see them gradually fall in love. I loved the episode when Jessica almost admitted she was in love with him, and they could be an interesting couple. Of course, it's just what I think, i.e. my opinion!

The new Ethan is fantastic. He really is a great actor, and he has a lot of chemistry with Theresa. I loved the episode when Theresa was talking about the teddy bear both her and Ethan have, and Ethan sneaks up at her door. The love in his face almost made me cry. I still don't know why he's denying his love for Theresa. I see no chemistry between him and Gwen, and it's almost pathetic how Gwen is clutching on to him like a lifeline. Of course it's just what I think, i.e. my opinion!

Those are my PS opinion for this week! Come back next week for another batch of what I think, i.e. my opinion!

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