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Passions Character Descriptions

Whitney Russell
Played by Brook Kerr

Character traits:  Loyal best friend

Age:  20s 

Marital Status:  Single

Relatives:  All of the Russells (mother, Eve; father, TC; sister, Simone; brother, Chad; aunt, Liz; and son/or daughter) 

Profession:  Used to play tennis; sang at the Blue Note

Friends in Harmony:  Theresa and Chad

Hates:   Eve, Julian, and Alistair

Chad:  When she met Chad, she didn't like him. She thought that he was a street punk who was no good. It didn't take long for her feelings for Chad to change. She started to have feelings for him. Theresa was the one who actually got her to see that she was in love with him.

Obstacles kept them from getting together. For one thing, she overheard him telling Simone that he loved her, when he was delirious. This made Whitney think that he was in love with Simone, instead of her. TC was another obstacle. He didn't want her to have a boyfriend because it would distract her from her tennis.  

Whitney also kept Chad hanging by a string. One minute she was willing to be with him and the next she wasn't. She let her loyalty to her sister and father prevent her and Chad being together. Eventually, she got over her fears and decided to be with him. When her life was in danger, she realized that she didn't want to live without him anymore and gave into him.  

Another potential obstacle for them was when Simone found out about her and Chad.  Simone didn't take it well and blamed Whitney. Whitney tried to tell her that she didn't steal Chad away from her but it didn't work. That revelation caused one of the rifts in the Russell family. After that, she went to LA with Chad, where she was going to finally live out her dream of being a singer. 

In LA, she found out that Chad had a secret. He had never told her that he was married. This caused her to break up with him as the lie meant she couldn't trust him anymore. After she was shot (read accidents), she went back to Harmony. When he came back to Harmony for her, she eventually forgave him and they reunited.

The worst obstacle then happened: When her mother's secret came out, it was revealed that Chad was her brother. She was disgusted by the idea and wanted to break things off with him right away.  

Secrets (all):  She knows all of Theresa's secrets. She tried to keep Theresa from getting into the trouble that she's gotten in to but to no avail. Despite being against Theresa, she stays by her every step of the way.

She knew that Eve was meeting Julian privately. She caught them in uncompromising positions several times, which caused her to hate her mother. She never told TC about those times. 

She's also carrying a huge secret: she's pregnant with Chad's baby but she's going to pass it off as Fox's baby; she doesn't want the world to know that she is having her brother's baby, and she would rather lie to Fox then let other children pick on her child.

Accidents (all):  She was almost hit by falling debris when she wasn't paying attention to where she was going. She was too busy thinking about Chad. Chad wound up saving her.

When she was at a New Year's Eve party, she was drugged by Ivy's henchman. She was acting crazy at the party. TC got upset because he thought that Chad had drugged her, and, at first, Whitney also thought that Chad had drugged her but then she thought otherwise. She never did find out why she was drugged.

She was trapped in an elevator with Julian at Crane Industries: when she was feeling confused about Chad, she ran off into an elevator. She didn't know that it was out of order or that Julian was in there with her. They almost lost their lives in the elevator, but they were eventually saved.

When Simone found out that Whitney loved Chad, Simone drugged her. It kept her from winning her tennis match which made TC furious.

When she was in the Blue Note with Chad, Theresa, and Fox, it caught on fire, courtesy of Eve. They were all trapped in the building, but they were saved.

When Whitney was in LA, she was shot by Latoya. She wound up having a flesh wound.

Fox:  When she was in LA, she started to get closer to Fox. She didn't think anything of her feelings for him; she was in love with Chad. They had close moments while they were there. One in particular was when they were on the beach. When she wanted him to teach her how to dance, they wound up kissing. She claimed that she thought he was Chad, but you never know.

She wanted to hook Theresa up with Fox because she thought that she was his mystery woman. She didn't know that she was the mystery woman.  

She got closer to Fox again when she pretended to be his girlfriend so she could see Theresa's son. She kissed him again when she was in the study with Fox.  

When she found out about Fox, she went ballistic. She thought that he was just using her, the way Julian was using her mother. She even slapped him a few times because he loved her. She was in love with him, but she kept fighting her feelings for him.

When she found out she was pregnant, she went after Fox and told him she loved him.  She needed a father for her baby and she thought that Fox would be perfect. That is when they got together.

Feud with Eve:  When she found out about Eve's secret, she hated her mother. She loathed her when she found out that she was having a baby. It turned out that she was pregnant with Chad's baby. She blames her mother for her baby and the fact that she and Chad were together. She pretty much blames Eve for everything that's gone wrong in her life.  

Much to her dislike, she confided in Eve about the baby. Eve told her that she should tell the truth, but she didn't want to listen. She wanted to pass her baby off as Fox's anyway.  She used the fact that Eve was her mother as a way to get Eve to lie for her. It worked.  Even after Eve lied for her, Whitney still hated her mother. It seems that she will never forgive her.

Scheme:  When she found out she was pregnant, she was desperate. She couldn't talk to anyone about it but Father Lonigan. She wanted to get an abortion but Father Lonigan told her that he couldn't absolve her if she did. She had a talk with her Virgin Mary statue (you read that right), and the statue told her that she should keep the baby. By this time, she found out information about the problems that would occur with incest babies. She couldn't do that to her child so she decided to have an abortion. She wound up chickening out and came up with another plan: she was going to pass her baby off as Fox's. Father Lonigan told her not to do that but she felt she had no choice.

Her scheme almost blew up in her face when she kept trying to get him to sleep with her.  He kept coming up with excuses not to be with her. She was getting desperate and even tried to drug him into sleeping with her. See, she had to sleep with him by a certain time, so she could be far enough into the pregnancy for it to be his baby. Seemed like a great plan, right? Well, she didn't need the drugs because Fox did end up sleeping with her at the Crane pool. They also slept together in Sam's garage.  

Feeling guilty, she was going to leave town and give her baby up for adoption. That plan was foolproof until Fox found her pregnancy test in the garbage. Fox thought that the baby was his, but Chad knew otherwise. Fox was suspicious of Whitney and wanted her to get a DNA test to prove that the baby was his and not Chad's. She hesitated at first but she decided to get the DNA test done. She had to manipulate Eve in order to get her to lie about the father of her baby. Of course, that worked.

Suspect:  Whitney blamed Alistair for her being pregnant with her brother's baby. She thought that he should have died. She was at the Crane mansion when someone tried to kill Alistair. It is not known if she was the one who poisoned him. She had opportunity and motive but it was never revealed if she tried to kill him. 

Proofread by Laura on 6/28/11

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