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Passions Character Descriptions

Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald Crane
Played by Lindsay Hartley
Temporarily played by Priscilla Garita

Character traits: Loves her family, can be obsessive.

Age:  20s 

Marital Status: Single.

Relatives: All of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds (father: Martin, mother: Pilar, brothers: Antonio, Luis, Miguel, sister: Paloma, sister-in-law: Sheridan, son: little Ethan, daughter: Jane Winthrop, nephew: Marty, and niece: Maria). 

Profession: Waitress at Book Cafe, Vice President and Acting CEO of Crane Industries, Personal Assistant to Ivy, worked at Cannery, and worked at fast food restaurant, Burger Hut.

Friends in Harmony:  Whitney, Chad, and Fox.

Hates:  Rebecca, Gwen, and Ivy.

First Crush: When Theresa was a kid, she was in love with Ethan. It was her childhood dream to be married to Ethan and live in the mansion. When she was at the annual carnival, Tabitha told her that she would marry a Crane. Naturally, she thought she would marry Ethan. There was a problem with that though, he was dating Gwen.

Accidents: When Theresa and Ethan first met, she didn't know who he was; despite having his pictures on her wall, she didn't recognize him. They argued because she accidentally dropped paint on him. After that, they kept having run-ins with each other. Every time she saw him, she dropped things on him.

Schemes (all): Pilar got a job for Theresa working for Ivy. She was her personal assistant. Ivy and Theresa liked each other instantly. They became friends. Little did Ivy know, Theresa was the woman stalking her son. Theresa wore a disguise so that Ethan wouldn't recognize her. When the detective Ivy hired found out that Theresa was the person "stalking” Ethan, Ivy fired her. Then Theresa had to find another way to get to Ethan. 

Another scheme that she came up with was to befriend Gwen so she could get closer to Ethan. She even offered to help plan Gwen's wedding to Ethan. Gwen asked her to be her maid of honor. As luck would have it, Gwen had to leave town, which made it easier for Theresa to get closer to Ethan. Her plan was starting to work because Ethan was starting to fall for her. She told Ethan about her boyfriend, named Chuck, who was rich and who broke her heart because she wasn't rich.

When Theresa found out that Sam was Ethan's father, she scanned the proof into the computer that Ivy gave her when she worked for her. Theresa planned on exposing his paternity when she thought that she wasn't going to get him. Once Ethan chose her, she forgot about the information. Little did she know it would come back to haunt her.

When Ethan and Theresa were getting married, Ivy interrupted the wedding to let everyone know that Theresa leaked Ethan's paternity to a tabloid when she thought Ethan didn't want to marry her. She wanted to go to Bermuda to reinstate Ethan as a Crane. She ended up getting more than she bargained for: she ended up "married" to Julian and pregnant with his baby. She wasn't going to tell Ethan the truth about the baby. By this time, Ethan had decided to get back together with her.  

She broke Ivy's wheelchair and tried to burn her in the hospital to keep her from exposing that she was married to Julian. She didn't want to risk losing him by telling him she was pregnant. She even went so far as to try and get an abortion until she changed her mind.  

When Ethan broke up with her, she tried to commit suicide. That's when she saw "Julian" in Hell. He told her how to get Ethan back and get revenge on anyone who wronged her. She resisted the deal at first because she didn't want to hurt anyone, but she changed her mind.

When Theresa thought that she was Mrs. Julian Crane, she wanted to get Ethan back. When Ethan was getting married to Gwen, she wanted to use her Crane influence to get him a job anywhere else by threatening the headhunter that was helping Ethan. When her plan to get him a job at Crane Industries worked, she wanted Gwen to get his employment papers at the wedding. She thought that Gwen would refuse to marry him if she knew that he was working with her. This plan appeared to work when Gwen called off the wedding, but her plan backfired because Gwen wanted to marry him anyway.

In LA, she used Fox to make Ethan jealous. The plan seemed to be working because Ethan was jealous. In the end, though, he chose to stay with Gwen.  

When Theresa lost little Ethan, she was devastated. She attempted to kidnap him twice and got caught. In an attempt to get back at Gwen for taking little Ethan away from her, she stole Gwen's embryo. She took the place of Gwen's surrogate and she was implanted with Gwen's eggs. She thought this was a sure fire way of getting her son back: she was going to use that baby to get her son back. However, this plan also backfired because she lost the baby. Naturally, she had to come up with a new scheme.

She finally devised another plan to get her son back. She used a date rape drug on Ethan to get him to make love to her. She needed the drug so that he would think that she was Gwen and even went to the trouble of wearing a blonde wig, getting identical lingerie, and wearing Gwen's perfume. This plan worked. She wound up pregnant. Despite how Pilar and Whitney felt about what she did, she felt that she was just doing what it took to get her son back.

Theresa found out that she was going to have twins. She plans on keeping all of the kids instead of trading them for little Ethan, as she said she would.

Attacks (against her): The first time Theresa was attacked was when Gwen tried to hit her with a bat. Gwen was upset that Ethan chose Theresa over her. Gwen went batty.

Gwen attacked her again in Los Angeles. Gwen was having a difficult pregnancy and she needed to relax. She was watching TV and saw Theresa making out with Ethan on the beach. She went ballistic. When she went back to the apartment that they were staying in, Gwen tried to choke Theresa. Theresa tried to calm her down but to no avail. She accidentally knocked Gwen over. Gwen eventually lost her baby.

After Gwen lost the baby, in hospital, she attacked Theresa. When Gwen tried to tell Theresa to leave the hospital she wouldn't do it. That's when Gwen really went for her.  Gwen had to be pulled off Theresa or she would have killed her.

Gwen attacked her with a bed pan when she overheard Theresa talking to Whitney about stealing Ethan away from her.

Rebecca choked Theresa outside the courtroom, when they were fighting for custody of little Ethan.

When Gwen found out that the baby Theresa gave birth to was Theresa's, she stabbed her with a scalpel. She was in a coma for a little while and woke up paralyzed.

Who she attacked: When Theresa gave birth to little Ethan, she had preeclampsia. She stabbed Gwen in the back with a pair of scissors.

When everyone thought she was dead, she went after Ivy and Rebecca. She also tried to kill Julian while he was in the bathtub.

She attacked Julian during Gwen and Ethan's baby's funeral.

Accidents: When she confessed to Ethan how she felt about him, he denied his feelings for her. She was upset and took Miguel's motorcycle. She fell off of it and got hurt.  When she was on the verge of death, Ethan's love brought her back.

When Gwen and Theresa got into an argument over who was to blame for Sarah's death, Gwen accidentally pushed her out a window. Luckily, she wasn't hurt.

Mrs. Crane?:  Julian wanted his marriage to Theresa to be annulled but Theresa didn't want it because Ethan was going to marry Gwen. Rebecca wanted to be Julian's wife so she had to get rid of Theresa. Theresa wasn't aware that Rebecca was scheming to get her out of the house. She embraced being a Crane. She even donated money to different charities. That's when Rebecca's plan went into effect. It was revealed that Theresa wasn't really married to Julian after all. Their marriage was a prank.

Evictions (all):  She kicked Ivy out of the mansion before the truth came out about her marriage to Julian.

When it was revealed that she wasn't really Mrs. Julian Crane, he kicked Theresa out of the mansion. He also tried to keep little Ethan.  

Rebecca wanted Theresa to suffer for Gwen's loss, so she destroyed Theresa's whole family: she had them lose their jobs and they were evicted from their house.

Accused:  Rebecca and Gwen wanted to get revenge on Theresa when Ethan chose her.  They sent Ethan's paternity result to a tabloid, but they made it seem as if Theresa was the one who sent the information it. It worked and Ethan and Theresa have been apart for a long time.

When Ivy and Theresa were at the Bennett house, they got into a fight. Ivy fell down the stairs, but she told Sam and Ethan that Theresa had pushed her down the stairs. Lucky for Theresa, Eve made Ivy tell the truth about what really happened to her.

Arrested:  When Rebecca wanted to get rid of Theresa, she came up with a plan. She sent Theresa a doctored tape of Ethan shooting Julian. Theresa didn't want Ethan to go to prison so she confessed to the crime. She thought that Ethan wouldn't allow her to die.  She was wrong. Theresa ended up going to jail for Julian's murder. She thought that Alistair would help her because she was married to a Crane. She was wrong about that, too. Alistair wanted her executed. It was later revealed that Julian wasn't really dead, and Alistair made it look as if Theresa was really executed.

She was also arrested a couple of times for kidnapping.

Fox:  She finally decided that she was over Ethan and she moved on with Fox. She knew that Fox was interested in someone else, but he was willing to move on with her.

When Theresa was feeling depressed about losing little Ethan, Fox wanted to comfort her. They ended up making love. She said that she was over Ethan but only time will tell.

Baby:  Theresa had the baby that everyone thought was Gwen's. It turned out to be her baby with Ethan from when she raped him with the date rape drug. The baby was in danger because she was born prematurely, and she needed Theresa's breast milk in order to grow.

Proofread by Laura on 6/7/11

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