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Passions Character Descriptions

Sam Bennett
Played by James Hyde

Character traits:  Heroic

Age:  40s

Marital Status:  Married to Grace but living with Ivy

Relatives:  The Bennetts (Grace, Noah, Ethan, Kay, Jessica, Maria, and Jane)

Profession: Chief of Police

Friends in Harmony:  The Russells and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds

First love:  He used to be in love with Ivy. They dated each other when they were younger. Ivy's father didn't approve of them dating and he made her stop seeing him.  Ivy's father sent Sam off to work on a boat and when he returned to Harmony, Ivy was married to Julian. She returned to Sam on her wedding night, but she left in the morning to spend her life with Julian.

Married to Grace:  He saved Grace Standish from a fire when they first met. They fell in love with each other and had a happy life together. They had three children and their lives were perfect, or so they thought. However, they weren't aware that Ivy was still pining for Sam and was willing to do anything to get him back.

Ethan's true paternity:  Sam wasn't aware that when he and Ivy last made love she got pregnant. Ivy kept the baby's paternity a secret. She had Ethan, but because she had lost Sam, she wanted him to have the best, so she let Julian believe that he was the father of her son. During Ethan's engagement party to Theresa, a tabloid reporter revealed Ethan's true paternity. Sam was shocked, and Grace found out about his past with Ivy. She was so shocked that she ended up miscarrying the baby that they were having.

David:  Since Grace had amnesia when she met Sam, it was easy for David to move in on Grace: he came to Harmony claiming to be her long-lost husband. Sam wasn't so easily fooled. He wanted to make sure that David wasn't lying to her. What Sam didn't know was that Ivy was really the one behind him coming to Harmony. Grace didn't know that either and, after awhile, she chose to go away with David. She thought that her place was with David since she was "married" to him first. Of course, she still doesn't know that he isn't really her husband.

Reuniting with Ivy:  Once Grace left town with David, it didn't take very long for Ivy to get back together with Sam. They can't get married because he is still legally married to Grace, but they are living together.

Finding baby Jane:  He was trying to help Ethan and Theresa find Jane: Gwen kidnapped her when she went crazy.  

Seeking revenge:  He found out recently that Jessica was at a club and was possibly raped. He wants to seek justice for it.

Proofread by Laura on 6/28/11

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