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Passions Character Descriptions

Paloma Lopez Fitzgerald
Played by Silvana Arias

Character traits:  Loves her father and Katherine; bitter towards her family.

Age:  Late teens. 

Marital Status:  Single.

Relatives:  All of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds - Martin, father; Pilar, mother; Antonio, Luis, Miguel, brothers; Theresa, sister; Sheridan, sister-In-Law; Little Ethan and Marty, nephews; Maria and Theresa's daughter, nieces.   

Profession:  Student.

Friends in Harmony:  Chad, Kay, and Simone.

Hates:  Pilar.

Living in Mexico:  At the beginning of the show she was upset with her family in Harmony for abandoning her: Pilar had sent her to live with her sister because she couldn't afford to look after her when Martin left her. As a result, Paloma didn't want to have any more to do with her family. (She didnít know that she was raised by her father and Katherine Crane). Whilst at Theresaís, she liked to stay out late at night clubs and dance with lots of different men. She also made out with a guy in her room. She had little contact with her family while she was in Mexico, which was why she didn't want to go to Harmony when Luis came to get her.

Attacked:  When Luis went to Mexico to bring Paloma home, one of Alistair's henchmen tried to rape her after kidnapping her and taking her to a hut. Luckily, she got away.

Return to Harmony:   She decided to bite the bullet and go back home to see her mother. She was reserved at first because she still felt resentment towards her family for giving her away. When she got there, she met Alistair at the Crane mansion. Meeting him didn't make matters any better because he convinced her that her family didn't want her, and she has been mad at her mother and siblings ever since her conversation with Alistair. Pilar and Theresa tried to convince her that Alistair was lying about the family but it didn't work. Though when she started to think that she might have been wrong about her family, Tabitha convinced her that Pilar only cared about Theresa and spent all her money on her.

When she got to Harmony, she befriended Chad, Kay, and Simone. She tried to persuade Chad to get revenge on his parents for not being there for him. She went out with Kay, Simone, and Tabitha to have a good time at a club, but when she was dancing with two men at once, a fight broke out. Kay, Simone, and Tabitha wound up arrested in the process.

When Paloma found out about Martin, she was upset for a few minutes, but she quickly forgave him; she was more upset with Pilar than she was at Martin because he was always there for her, and she blamed Pilar for why Martin left. She also found out that Mrs. Wheeler is Katherine Crane but she didn't care because she was like a mother to her. All the time she has sided with Martin and Katherine and she even snuck them in to see Sheridan and Luis's wedding because they had a right to be there. It doesn't look as if Paloma is going to forgive her family anytime soon. 

Proofread by Laura on 8/23/11

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